Asus Zenfone 8

Asus Zenfone 8

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Why so thick

notafanboy, 06 May 2021Huge? Really? Compared to most flagships it's small af... moreSmall and thicc

  • dishonored

Jiki, 06 May 2021Mediocre camera set upstop complaining with that size its a good camera setup

Like it.. acceptable size, bit wish motorized cam instead of that ugly hole

Perfect phone with perfect specs and dimensions, just worried if it can nail the 888 optimization and cooling since many other companies couldn't (like oneplus, mi)

  • Jiki

Mediocre camera set up

ILS, 06 May 2021Promised to be small, it's still huge...Huge? Really? Compared to most flagships it's small af. You won't find a smaller flagship so stop dreaming and wake up...

  • Shiv

Great scree size

  • Anonymous

Great phone, at last they are listening to their customers..... Small in size. Thanks

It is good and a fresh design!!!

FHD+ with 5.92 inch? Nice

Main camera and a macro.?? What about telephoto and ultrawide??

  • Anonymous

ILS, 06 May 2021Promised to be small, it's still huge...Huge for you.

  • Anonymous

failed at the begining... 2021 but no ultrawide camera

  • pojaz

mediocre specs for this size to lower da price pls..

  • ILS

Promised to be small, it's still huge...

  • pow

not bad

LowNitro, 06 May 2021Snap. 888 + these neat dimensions = win!That's what the internet said lol

[deleted post]But Why Asus Put Macro And Not Ultra wide ?

Can it take 8k macro shots XD! WITH ITS 12MP MACRO camera. I guess this is why it has only 2 cameras.