Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

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  • Ali

Zendlik, 26 Oct 2016Hello guys, can you help me i have big problem with zenfone max ... moreSame problem here
Some one help me pls

  • Siryn81

My phone is 4 months old. I love it to bits until one day, half of my screen was disabled, was very disappointed and frustrated. I long pressed the start button to force shut down. After restarting, it was fine but once in a while, it is shutting down. What to do, please help.

  • ejal

There was somthing wrong with my zen max gps.. it cannot show me where i am.. already setting high accuracy for location.. help..

  • K°C

SKS, 01 Nov 2016My request is nobody should buy this phone. This is due to: 1. ... moreI am using it for a while, surely makes my friends jealous. It's a budget phone and will fulfill all requirements of perfomance. The best things about this model are, battery, speed, ZenUI, durable structure.
I don't know if someone is facing this problem or not but a greyish dot appears frequently on bottom of screen. This started after i had my Jio sim. Will it harm my device? Please help

  • Anonymous

Satish Sreekumar , 24 Oct 2016I purchased Asus Zen Max without having any idea about the brand... more10000 what name bro

  • AnonD-606733

I have Asus Zenfone Max 2016. Everything is fine. But, when i activate Jio 4G data, its automatically turning off after 4-5 minutes and turning ON after 2-3 seconds.

Also..whenever i try to call someone from Jio4GVoice app, internet automatically disconnecting & call disconnecting after that. I'm just having a miss call alert on the other device.

What to do now?
I tried everything..resseting,opening in safe mode, everything!!

Solution please _/\_

  • AnonD-606649

The best phone I have ever used got to be this phone,I have used brand like Lenovo,lg,Sony,Nokia..,of this the worst one is Lenovo k3 note no battery back up ,heating issue dual SIM slot issue,while calling ear becomes red due to its radiation,but asus great phone still now no issue great battery backup,stylish look,camera is excellent,I am a gamer so for a gaming platform this is the best phone as while itself there is no heating issue or lag

  • RainCloud

Great phone. It takes 4 1/2 hours fully charged.. but i'm OK with that bcoz i used to charge it at night and when i woke up in the morning, already 100%. Battery life up to 2 3 days..

  • Anonymous

SKS, 01 Nov 2016My request is nobody should buy this phone. This is due to: 1. ... moreYou are obviously making up. My Max just works so good and no regrets of using it. You are just a fan from another brand whose trying to ruin the image of this awesome phone. Get lost man.

  • Arul

I am using Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL, I can't generate jio bar code. Any one help me.

  • Manu

Biman Jana, 11 Sep 2016I am also having same problem.I have bought asus ZenFone max but... moreOh thats my problem asus zenfone max very dangerous phone

  • Anonymous

SKS, 01 Nov 2016My request is nobody should buy this phone. This is due to: 1. ... moreThis is a good phone, my record 15 hours screen on time. About the charging i dont care about it. Because i charge this phone when i go to sleep

  • gajju

I am use this phone ,very good phone

  • AnonD-605876

Double tap on the screen!

  • prakash

battery heating little when havy use ..battery is good ..but it takes 5 hours to fully charge ..display is very big u can't use with one hand (phone support one hand operation but I don't like it ) u can't carry on your pocket bcz phone is very big and heavy too is average .but performance is good earphones coming wid dis phone music app ..CPU overheating problems..

  • Chanda

Plz help me out my problem with dis fone is its battery going down when I'm switching off my mobile I don't know what to do to stay same % when its switch off .

Pizzazz somebody solve my plan guys.

  • Anonymous

SKS, 01 Nov 2016My request is nobody should buy this phone. This is due to: 1. ... moreYou should go to company service centre and fix this problem .

  • Maddy

How to unlock the Home and Lock Screen. Is that we cant set our own pic as Wallpaper. Please any one suggest ideas. Please,,,,

  • AnonD-605568

dipss, 02 Nov 2016This mobile is good! !!!!plaese infomation

  • AnonD-605568

rajsekar, 01 Nov 2016ASUS ZenFone max is really super battery back up awesome came... morerealy iwant to thise phone please info