Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL

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  • dipss

This mobile is good! !!!!

  • rajsekar

ASUS ZenFone max is really super battery back up awesome camera quality fastest processes so everyone to should be buy this mobile

  • SKS

My request is nobody should buy this phone. This is due to:
1. Phone is over heating. We cant make calls or browse up to merely 2 minutes. It will heat like the burning iron. I am experiencing High radiation. Ears will feel to have pain and irritating.
2.It s said to have the battery is 5000mAh. But i think it is only 500mAH. It will stand only for 2 hours. Moreover, it will take more than 5 hrs to full charge and 2 hrs to dispense the charge.
3.Over weight. We cant keep it our pocket due to over wieght. The company is claiming that the weight is due to 5000mAh battery. Battery is the worst one.
4.Phone will shut down while talking or while browsing.
5.5 MP camera of Sony is better than 13 MP camera of Asus Zenfon Max.
Many more defects. My humble request is nobody should by this phone. I have committed a Himalayan mistake. Request you not to commit it.

  • kuiver

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2016does it support jio 4g volteOnly thought jio4gvoice. No t in default dialer.

  • vinothkumar

Too late for charging & some times facing small technical issues & it isover weight device , keypad struggle some times so don't by this choose another devices

  • Anonymous

Dheepan, 28 Oct 2016which one is better?? Zenfone Max or oppo A37Op

  • Prakash

Sathish, 25 Oct 2016We not getting geo sim code whyUse older version of my myjio app. You can search on Google. Install all jio apps thru it. Restart the phone. Then it should work.

  • Bluedick

Harris, 28 Oct 2016I m a zenfone max user. It is takes more time to full charge...a... moreNo, even you use 2.4amp adaptor, max will only withdraw 0.8-0.9 amp, 3-5 hrs is very common

  • akshay

Android 7 update is come for asus max 16 gb..y or n

  • Ashraf

Zendlik, 26 Oct 2016Hello guys, can you help me i have big problem with zenfone max ... morePush power button and sound volume uper switch together

  • Harris

I m a zenfone max user. It is takes more time to full charge...approximate 3to 5 hrs takes... plz tell me . If u know any remedies for this problem? Can i use turbo charger in this phone

  • balaji

good performance of max zenfone one minus is low sound of speaker.

  • Dheepan

which one is better?? Zenfone Max or oppo A37

  • Ivan

Zendlik, 26 Oct 2016Hello guys, can you help me i have big problem with zenfone max ... moreHi there, im a zenfone max user too, but i never encounter the same problem. maybe u should check if the lcd is still ok. Try entering the recovery mode by pressing power and volume down. if u can see the texts, ur lcd is ok, and u can do the factory reset.

Hope this will help you:)

  • yoyo

Zendlik, 26 Oct 2016Hello guys, can you help me i have big problem with zenfone max ... moreyour os has a problem, probably you need to install a new rom/os.

  • Zendlik

Hello guys, can you help me i have big problem with zenfone max my screen is stay black but when i tap to power button he is vibration. Can you say me how to fix it or how doing hard restart or something ? thx for answer

  • Anonymous

Initially I was happy after buying this phone. As I go on using I came to know a major bug. The proximity sensor turns on as you pick a call. But if take away the phone to check the details while u r still on call the phone doesn't lit up.
It also has connectivity issues.
Ain't support gps trackers efficiently.
Phone do heat up during a long duration call but not to unbearable extent.
It takes 5plus hrs to charge it completely.
Gorilla glass as they claims doesn't really seems like one.I got the big scratch on screen after a small bump on the table. Never dare to take the phone out from whatever cover you use.

  • Sathish

We not getting geo sim code why

  • Dada

rabindra, 22 Oct 2016how to video callHow to use vidio clls

  • Satish Sreekumar

I purchased Asus Zen Max without having any idea about the brand or its performance as my earlier, much hyped Xiaomi Mi4i mobile suddenly went dead. I am now very proud of my decision as the phone is excellent in all aspects except that it will take longer to get fully charged. With mammoth battery of 5000 mAh, it still will be having at least 50% of battery power by day end after using net whole day, lots of video, calls etc. For price less than Rs.10000,what more you want when other brands cost sky?