Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL

Asus Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL

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  • Anonymous

vishuuu, 12 Oct 2015It has OTG Support Or Not.Pls Help me Frnds has

  • mike

ive experienced lag in some games, m.kombat and nba, but over all is fine.

  • Marwadis

J7 Selfie Comments
4G Technology YES YES Both device having 4G LTE both are equals on this.
Display Super Amoled IPS LCD J7 had a good display having amoled.. But Selfie with 403 PPI is not too bad.
OS 5.1 5 Both having Lolippop let say this is a nearly tie
CPU Exynos Snapdragon Exynos is much better with no heating and Lag Issues
Internal 8.4 GB available 24.4 available Selfie can offer double amount of Internal storage
RAM 300mb Available 1.5GB Available Selfie can offer double amount of RAM
Battery 3000 mah 3000 mah Both device have good battery life.. However, J7 consume less battery for its display and chipset.

Overall there are some Selfie had which j7 doesn't have such as double tap to wake up, gyro Sensor, automatic brightness, handle smooth,

  • ser Devos

dear Sir,
i have choosen some of three smart phones which are comfortable fr me at all dynamics. Asus Zenfone Selfie- ASUS ZENFONE 2 ZE551ML and Moto X play.! which one could be better one to buy ? i'd apperciate if you reply asap. Thank you.

  • nyan


  • Eugene

leons, 28 Sep 2015the volume button stay at the behind.. under the cameraHi There

Got comparison between the J7 and Asus Selfie
Display - J7 had Super Amoled display which is good in gaming and watching videos.
Internal Storage - Selfie had double the sized of available Storage Space around 24GB
RAM - Selfie had 1.5 GB Available J7 will give your 300 - 500 MB Available.
Processor - J7 has little advantage with Exynos 7580 with all clock running 1.5 GHZ
Camera - Selfie had 13 MP front and back.

  • Anonymous

ace, 05 Oct 2015had reviewing this fone for a week, im bit surprise when a bough... morebro from where did you buy it? Online or from local store?

  • Girly

I just bought mine yesterday :) love it ;)

  • kuttu

Vignesh R, 10 Oct 2015 morethanks

  • AnonD-453258

Anon531, 05 Oct 2015I've upgraded my Zenfone Selfie to WW_1.12.40.382_20150907 and b... moreAfter upgrading firmware to version WW_1.12.40.382_20150907 I am facing issues with Audio. When I make a voice call the party at other end cannot hear me well. Addtionally Voice recording payback is terribly attenuated and audio volume is low on max volume. All this was working fine before the update. I need to shout for the other person on the Voice call to hear me. I have concluded that post the update, the MIC input levels are attenuated. Prior to update the Voice quality was perfect and the Vice recording playback quality was perfect.

Need urgent feedback on this firmware update

  • G☺&#97

Got my Zenfone Selfie last week and it seems to work fine. Here are my observations:

• Gaming is average-NBA 2k15 runs alright but a bit laggy
• Camera is excellent-Shooting modes are actually cool but I was expecting for more options
• Battery life is a bit disappointing - Unplugged both Redmi 2 and Zenfone selfie (both at 100% battery) and ran same apps, games (both without SIM cards) and Zenfone selfie lost its charge faster than the Redmi 2. I hope Asus can release a software update for battery optimization and less heating.
• Display is great - Of course, AMOLED is the best (display is more vibrant) but Zenfone Selfie's screen is great for its price range

Overall, it's a bang for the buck deal. The performance justifies the price, and I can say I'll enjoy more of this phone (although I was originally planning to buy a Redmi Note 2).

  • Abhi

jack, 13 Oct 2015i m facing the sensor problem during the call.. when i called so... moreMay Be U r using Screen Guard thats y u r facing this issue

  • jack

i m facing the sensor problem during the call.. when i called someone display sensor automatically got black out but when i take it away from my ears its also showing the same problem and i do not able to cut the dial number....pls help me friends in this matter....


  • Kel

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2015does this phone have heating problem? I heard snapdragon 615 hea... moreYes it heats while charging and surfing the net. Probably in gaming too, I just dont try yet. I just bought mine yesterday. Though the front cam was superb! :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-401961, 12 Oct 2015Dear brothers I want to change my phone Zenfone selfy Xiomi... moreconsider lg phones also. i heard they're bettah. ☺

  • Anonymous

huhhhhhh watttttt, 05 Oct 2015From where have you purchased dis phone????? how did you got ear... moreI got one with earphones. :)

  • mae123

donz, 10 Oct 2015Hi guys need your help! Somethings weird, its either my phone... moreI'm experiencing the same problem with my sun sim. :(

  • vishuuu

It has OTG Support Or Not.Pls Help me Frnds

  • AnonD-401961

Dear brothers
I want to change my phone

Zenfone selfy
Xiomi mi4
Sony xperia m4
Lava pixel v2

Which is best

Pls sujest

  • che

both have snapdragon 615. but which is better asus selfie or lg g4 beat?