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Asus Zenpad C 7.0

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  • fan

My device never restart or freeze for the last 3 weeks since I bought it. It works perfect. I am getting superb user experience and enjoyment, ease of use, exactly like in higher spec models, but payed less than 20% comparing to the higher specs models.

  • Zippy

ASUS ZENPAD 7c is junk. Constant reboots. Crashes playing COC. Turned off auto updates, it still updates when it wants to. Junk,garbage,trash, and many other bad words. Do not buy this pile of crud. Would not take this if they paid me. Only wasted $100 bucks. Rather have a root canal than use this. So to make a long story short. JUNK!!!

  • fan

Back with more feedback on my light gold Asus zenpad c 7.0. Regular updates are recommended. Had my device FOTA updated to August 11, 2015, then another update kicked in to August 19, 2015. Asus made ita snap to update automajically for you. You get notified press a button. 10 min. All done. Also updated ZenUI to screen saver which shows ice cubes and water as battery state emulation. So cool! Asus battery manager block apps from drinking your battery while in standby. Works flawlessly. Excellent!!

  • ME

I had high hopes for this tablet. I bought the unit last Friday, and returned it yesterday. There's a problem with the power button. It won't turn on! You have to try so many times! It also shuts down by itself frequently. Before you can return our exchange the unit,you're required to bring it first to an Asus service center for their recommendation, even if you've just had the unit for less than a week! Such a hassle! I exchanged it with a Samsung tab 3v and so far so good!

  • Anonymous

Gps is porr, only reads 3-4 km per hour when other reads 1 km per hour. In most cases it is off by 5 km per hour.

  • apoi90

The worst gadjet in my life... so lag.. system always shutdown it self.. the price??? WTF... never buy asus brand again...

  • fan

Back with more feedback on my light gold metalic Asus zenpad c 7.0. What I noticed which is great about this phone pad is that it is very conservative on power. Yesterday while having a busy day I had the device with 95% battery in the morning, while being so busy all day outside, I hardly got a chance to open the phone pad. Only read a few pages of a kindle book in the mornong, checked for messages, connected to hands free bluetooth in car, but did not make calls. After returning home, aroundv10 hours later I was amazed to find that the battery is still at 95%, and the device connected to my WiFi at home. Now that what I call 95% conservative when 95% in standby. Excellent!

  • Matt Illorde

Thumbs down. Will never buy another Asus again. The restarts and lock up is back again after the replacement. Money wasted on this phablet.

  • fan

Back with more feedback and info about my light gold metallic Asus budget C 7.0 zenpad. My device was so cheap thtat it arrived with 8GB flash memory, while about 3G are freely available. This was no problem at all. Just got 64G high speed SD card for great deal, no money. Installed it, and boosted my memory instantly. It was very easy to install both SD card and SIN card, since Asus made it very easy to get to these slots. There is a small opening at the side with a tiny door so inserting cards is ad easy as inserting USB cable. Great job on this features. The device is dual SIM although I only use one SIM. I heard that having a dual SIM can hep to get cellular deals more easily by swapping providers.

  • fan

I am back for more eedback on my light gild netalic device from Asus. For a budget device, I bought this zanpad C 7.0 cheaper version from Asus, to snag right in my pocket. A daily charge gets you a full business day ofheavy duty phone ccalls, web browsing, navigation, and application use. The ZenUI coupled with lollipop is a best OS and middle ware for books and PDF reading while on the go. Excellent for my use cases. Ihighly recommend. I could not be more happier with such a useful device, at such a low price with such a great look and elegance.

  • Luke214

ZenPad is impressive at first glance: a cleanly designed plastic 7 incher with leathery finish at the back and metal chamfered edges that gives it a premium look. Color saturation of the IPS panel is good per advertised. The DTS-HD premium sound was great as well especially since the speaker is front-facing. The issues you have to live with are: the non-removable battery has some heating problems that would make the device shut down even after cooling it using an app; it crashes summarily while playing CoC and Boom Beach and for a new Intel 64 bit quadcore, I wouldn't expect it to happen at all (I play CoC on my iPod 4th Gen & it hardly crashes, and it's 3 years old now and Apple even stopped upgrading its OS); while watching clips on YouTube, it would randomly crash as well; after the crash comes the issue with turning it on which would take quite a long time I thought the device totally died (then I learned I had to reboot by pressing volume up and power button at the same time, otherwise, the power button wouldn't turn on the device at all). I'd understand the lag because ZenPad7 Z170CG isn't high end after all but the crashes are a big bummer for this device. I've had the system updated twice, to no avail. This device is like a crash test dummy. Overall, it's nice for calling and texting, dual sim is supported and it works perfectly; ditto for web browsing that isn't heavy with videos. I bought this as my first 'android practice device' to be familiar with the ecosystem. I expected an above-average performance for a budget device and new chip from Intel, but it didn't live up to my expectations. This means I cannot add more games to this tablet which offers 16G of storage or essentially 11G for the user because of pre-installed apps, most are useful though. Z170CG is a budget device that still has 'sub-par budget performance' even up to this day where competition on the mid-range section is so fierce, while other OEMs can do more on the performance side without burning a hole in the pocket. Asus should provide immediate and regular updates for this device to resolve the issues to make it a keeper. Otherwise, it's just an ordinary albeit colourful paperweight.

  • fan

Had this device for about two weeks. Got the metalic light gold.
-- use: The zanpad c 7.0, fit right in my front pocket. It is
very thin as said before. I use it as my main phone
device. it connects perfectly to my hand free system
in my car. it serves me well for in car navigation
Over its GPS. It also connects well over 3g voice
Calls and 3g data. And it connects to WiFi at home
With an excellent signal and speed. Bluetooth headset
Also connects very well and this very useful when
Using the device as you major phone. battery life
Is long lasting for a full work day and more.
WiFi speeds are good. Download speed is well. Auto
Updates from Asus well and recommended.

overall this device is a keeper for me. And more feedback from me will be posted soon.

  • fan

Jan Jan, 13 Aug 2015I am planning to buy this unit on lazada, is this unit is good? ... moreThe device is excellent. Had it for a few weeks. Excellent user experience. Excellent connectivity.

  • kimy08

I have this asus Zenpad last August 4 2015, I have noticed, its battery is not good. It also hang up sometimes and it shutdown on itself.

  • Richie

Had the same issue, playing CoC then within 30 mins it will restart on its own, got it replaced by the shop where i've bought it, so the 2nd unit was a bit ok, not restarting however intermittently hangs while streaming videos and after the latest update wifi connection became unstable. I think cheaper pad'S doesn't have issues w/ stability just this one.

  • sok

ForTheLols, 16 Aug 2015Zenpad keeps on restarting while playing coc. U need to update to asus center

  • Anonymous

I have mine too ASUS zen pad C.7. the unit is not good. I just only press the kindle amazon my unit was hanged up and i can't go back to main menu. I tried to restart many times but it didn't work out. I feel I'm wasted my money

  • AnonD-430496

I got the zenpad C7 for 2 weeks now... visually it looks good. That chrome bezel trim hides the low cost feel of the tab and it's rather slim. The feel of this compared to the similar spec memopad 7 is a whole lot better.
The display is a bit of a let down. Pixel density is really low and that brillant colour system thingy they advertise can't hide that fact. The touch interface is not really sensitive enough. Pressing twice or more is required sometimes.
The battery is close to pathetic really. The 8 hours usage they advertise is really a stretch. It's good enough for a movie playback or 2, but it's best that you invest in a powerbank or have a power source nearby.
With just 1 GB of RAM, don't expect snappy response. The intel chip is designed for low power usage and run anything intensive, the pad will start to feel warm pretty quick.
The DTS sound is alright, the front facing speaker is loud and clear. I don't understand why they put in a crappy 2MP rear camera when that could have been put to better use as a front facing camera instead.
Be mindful that there is no gorilla glass technology (it's a budget tab for goodness sake), I recommend you get a tempered glass screen protector. Phone function is alright too.
The WIFI is buggy. I encoutered several times where the WIFI just cuts out and the only way to restore connection is to restart the tab.

  • ForTheLols

AnonD-81841, 16 Aug 2015It has a problem of playing Clash of Clans - Device Auto Restart... moreZenpad keeps on restarting while playing coc.

  • AnonD-81841

It has a problem of playing Clash of Clans - Device Auto Restart

Tried to upgrade
- latest firmware
- re-install COC

No success... frustrated now