Asus Zenpad C 7.0

Asus Zenpad C 7.0

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  • AnonD-81841

It has a problem of playing Clash of Clans - Device Auto Restart

Tried to upgrade
- latest firmware
- re-install COC

No success... frustrated now

  • Koshugi

Bought mine yesterday. Seems ok when tested on the shop but when i came home after charging full the unit would not load the android os. I'm returning it today. Bad first impression. Also in the manual it says that you should charge the unit for full 8 hrs. before using it first time. It also says that you shouldn't over charge it after full charge (battery indicator displays full charge after more or less 2 hrs of charging). Checking the full specs that battery is Lipoly its no secret that this battery explodes when over charging. The instruction makes no sense. Thinking of getting other brands instead.

  • AnonD-429241

Here is the problems that I had when it comes to asus zen pad c7 intel version..

1. the latest upgrade of the firmware of zen pad is ok but i have notice that its stability on wifi connection is not ok. It loses its connection and sometimes its difficult to connect.

2. sometimes it shutdowns with out any reason at all and sometimes it turns in safe mode. program/firmware update and stability is not ok.

3. it consumes too much ram even if i don't use any apps and provided that it is just only 1 gb so having lag issues on some applications is present.

im really hoping that they can fix this issues for it to be one ultimate tablet at a low price ..

  • Jan Jan

I am planning to buy this unit on lazada, is this unit is good? Cause i had read many comments that this unit is not good. Is this unit good or bad?
reply pls
thank u

  • jmaverick

Anybody with internet connectivity issues after system upgrade of this product? It took some time for me to connect to my wifi even if i am just a few feet away from my router.
I had to restart it just to connect to the internet.

  • rob

does any one know how to reset the zen pad think I got a virious and it wont load I found out how to bring up android on screen but cant go any farther

  • Torefas

I buy this product, i updated 2x , but the problem is they automatic off, then another problem. When i restart, they restart 2x can u fix the problem? Male updated pls,

  • tony

It hangs frequently and auto restarts, returning this to my vendor, go for huawei t1 7.0 instead

  • -dj mund-

Just got mine yesterday..I was planning on buying zenpad s 8...but it hasn't yet released in our I bought zenpad c 7.0 just to get a bite of zenpad...I was hoping for the best but it certainly not that much for me..specially if your a hardcore gamer..I thought it could perform as well as my Zenfone2 with just minor differences..but it's not..It's way too far from Zenfone 2..I only recommend this for those who just want to stream and listen to their music..and that's it..but its good so far..its doing just fine...-dj mund-

  • Matt Illorde

Update: the first zenpad i got has a bad rom. Got a new unit from the vendor. Performed 2x system update and all is fine now. Installed all apps without a glitch

  • Matt Illorde

Bought this Phone last Aug 1.

there seems to be an issue when updating the phone via system update. Experienced intermittent OS crashes and restarting.

resetting to factory setting solved the issue. Also do not update Android System Webview as it also causes crashes and restarts.

  • AnonD-413519

There is no diffrent betwen asus zen pad 7 & 7 omg , i hope the 7 inchi phone tablet with big batt bout 5000 mah n high ppi bout 400 ppi from asus n quadcore / octacore :-)

  • AnonD-423608

Just get one, Asus this OS must be more polished, it works slowly sometimes, I hope productivity will be better after Android Update!

  • AnonD-200532

For the price alone, it's a good buy. RAM could be much higher though but for my intended purpose (read, surf, email, watch and listen) it did the job! So far, so good!

  • Mick

I believe this will be a mid market model which is quite nicely design. I don't mind buying if the price is right. I have and is still using the Samsung Tab as well as Asus and i can say that Asus are quite decent unit as well. Of course you cannot compare with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S but comparing with the Samsung Tab 4 the Asus are much faster units.

  • AnonD-30846

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  • Wanna a trophy for ?

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  • AnonD-30846

If it has corning gorilla glass I will buy it.
By the way.....First Comment