BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780

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  • Anonymous


whats does stutter means?whays da issue all about?

  • Mark

Wanted to get this but because of the widespread issue about the keypad stutter, I chose to get the 9700 instead.

  • Anonymous

must153, 14 Mar 2011guys why i cant see blackberry maps icon since its installed a... moreyou should sign up an BIS/BES for viewing of BB MAP

  • MJ3D

Pradeep, 14 Mar 2011It having threaded view on SMS? Anybody pls give me answer...Yessss

  • Pradeep

It having threaded view on SMS? Anybody pls give me answer...

  • must153

why i cant see blackberry maps icon since its installed and listed in application manager on my BB 9780??

please help

  • Anonymous

lads do you know if it makes a difference as to wether the bb is runing on a network software aka when powering up the handset a network logo comes on or is it better to get a GENERIC ostware installed fromn their website aka ORIGINAL bb software from their handset??all these key stuttering problems do you guys think this might come from the software OS.Any advice or help or reply would be highly appreciated

  • Sasa

Hi, I bought BB9780 and after I miss the call there is no blinking led like on 9700. Is it that I don't know how to set it, or it doesn't blink after missed calls? Please help!

  • AnonD-3796

1. OS 6.0 not works perfectly, many kinds problem.
2. My device have track pad trouble, sometimes one tap to enter but it reacts more. :(
3. Double tap on keypad.
4. Hfree is so crunchy.

  • AnonD-3775

I've been using a Bold 9700 for about a year now. This is my first AND last BB. Thing is the BB concept is great, but RIM is starting to implement way to many controls. For starter the vendor ID's they lock into the phone makes it hell to play to you your BB on any other network than the original vendor network.

I would like to use "my" phone however I like and not be limited/restricted.

Secondly they have a very uncompetative stance wrt access to the BIS/BES APIs - see what happened to KiK...

I recon my next phone will be Android (thanks Google for being FREE) and MOTO or HTC seems to be the manufacturer to go for.

As for the iPhone, great PR job Apple! But I'm not convinced; after they hype is gone the iPad/iPhone is just another thingy limited by the iStore.

I can't wait for Google to launch they desktop OS to complement Android........

  • AnonD-3745

johti, 11 Mar 2011if i was to buy this sim free.. do i need a blackberry contract ... moreThe bb bold is great if it worked right.
Do yourself a favour, buy off ebay.. Don't buy from a shop, rim swap your phone for a used one if you have a problem with it, even if it is just 5wks old.. I can't connect to wifi unless I disconnect from my network..
If you want bb services, just get pay and go sim or a sim only tariff.. Ask your network for a bb add on! It shoud be 5pound a month.

  • johti

AnonD-929, 12 Mar 2011Hi Mate, For a Blackberry of any model, to get the full funct... morethanks Craig for that.. oh well looks like i will stop with my iphone.. thanks again.

  • AnonD-929

johti, 11 Mar 2011if i was to buy this sim free.. do i need a blackberry contract ... moreHi Mate,

For a Blackberry of any model, to get the full functions available through a Blackberry mobile you need to get on a Blackberry BIS (Bisness Internet Solutions) plan so you can can use all the features, such as MMS, Web browsing and Apps. If you don't get a BIS plan then you can only use the mobile to make and recieve calls and SMS.

I'm in Australia and our mobile carriers charge us about $10 per month on top of our normal SIM plan and this $10 they add on the BIS plan to your account so you can use your Blackberry with all it's features.

I hope this helps you,



  • Anonymous

how strong is this bb products

  • Cami

I agree with Alfredo, number 1 phone i nthe market right now! Go get yourself one, LIVE!

  • Alfredo

Best BB Bold ever made by far! If you`re thinking about getting this phone, just do it!!!

  • johti

if i was to buy this sim free.. do i need a blackberry contract to use the apps and messaging or will i beable to use it like any other phone.. i here conflicting vues on this... please help...

  • maz

hellow is blackberry 9780 bold compatible with skype if yes whats the website to download?

  • AnonD-929


I did have the BB Torch 9800 but decided to sell it as I found the keys to small to use and nit enough space to move around when using the keyboard, also when using the touch screen to type it was nice and sensitive but the phone squeaked alot and didn't feel solid.

Anyhows I am now considering buying the BB Bold 9700 or BB Bold 9780, now comparing the two there is only slight differences between the two like pixels in the camera, ram speed, OS software etc, now to buy either one there is about $160 in price between the two, so do you think it's worth paying the extra for the 9780 or the 9700 will be fine?



  • Ashish

awesome phone... os6 is just outstanding..