BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780

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  • Sara

i am considering this phone as a business phone, so i wanted to know if it has the option of downloading and uploading attachments to emails? And also if there's an editing option when using the office?
thank you very much!

  • avijit

bb is bb no comparision

  • leanneting

video conferencing is the "in" thing these days. if bb is a business phone, why does rim not incorporate a video calling feature?

  • leanneting

Big Big Boy, 21 Nov 2010 Wat is d different between BB 9780 and 9700. When it will... moreit's already out at all the telcos in msia. not sure whether retail stores are selling them already.

  • Anonymous

Don't buy.

  • James

No matter what features are looking for of others, I don't care, l love Blackberry phones and its technology. I got Curve8900 before and later got a Bold 9700 till now they are fantastic. Try to own this phone and you will keep quite, instead you will advertise it.

  • Big Big Boy

I had just bought BB 9700. I seems to be a very good device. I have no reason to switch to BB 9780 but frankly i will consider BB 9800 as it was a touch screen device.

  • Big Big Boy

Wat is d different between BB 9780 and 9700. When it will be available for Malaysia Mkt.

  • Anonymous

What i think about blackberry is nothing just a email gadget. People who want to use this gadget for email purpose go and get Blackberry 8320 8520 or 9300 it is enough and price acceptable. And for all purpose it is better to buy Samsung galaxy, wave or Nokia E72, N8 etc

  • Jessy

how to get this item???this item original set or china set?

  • fight club

i still think blackberry got a lot of money from a simple mod of the phone.... But it is a good & solid phone and samsung is a sh**ty phone.

  • Anonymous

PEOPLE, BLACK BERRY IS A BUSINESS ORIENTATED PHONE! that can do more then just business, its not suppose to do all those stupid things you want it to, if thast the case get a freakin android, blackberrys are the sh*t, i just sold my captivate and got a 9780, WAY HAPPIER

  • Sameer MAK

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2010you're kinda missunderstanding the whole idea of having a B... moreYes thts the answer... good .. hmmm i like it

  • Anonymous

exceed2u, 19 Nov 2010what will be the key difference between 9780 vs 9700 ?- double the memory capacity
- 5MP Camera
- OS 6 (latest blackberry OS)
and the rest kindly check in the compare tool. hehe

i just want to ask if this phone is available already in Qatar?
I like this kind of phone than the Torch because its too compact.

  • exceed2u

what will be the key difference between 9780 vs 9700 ?

  • Mehmet

People, why can't you just accept the fact that Blackberry is a business phone!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2010why can't blackberry make a phone that can do video rington... moreyou're kinda missunderstanding the whole idea of having a BB... it's not just for fun or about having fancy features as, what was that? oh video ringtones? WTF is that and why the heck somebody needs that kind of feature on a mobile?

oh... I'm sorry... if that's important for you, what are you doing looking for BB specs? there's a link named "nokia" at the left menu...

  • 8CC

Guys and dolls, just lay your hands on the whitish one!! A marvel. You just come!!

  • seravy

i love my blacberry 9700

  • Anonymous

I guess BlackBerryseems to have a great gap from HTC, SAMSUNG and also NOKIA..


unlike bb, samsung has good security settings... you can set privacy in all your pictures, videos and some applications. You can even lock your phone or sim if unfortunately it has been snatched!!!!

yeah, you can download some kinda stuffs at bb app world... BUT IS IT STILL THE CONSUMERS RESPONSIBILITY to install such program to which it should already be on-board as expected? BB, if you care about your consumers, then you should consider the IMPROVED and more BROADER SECURITY SETTINGS. If it does, then you prove that you are still one of the best smart phone makers in the U.S...