BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780

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  • timothy klit

Worst phone ever! had it running with symbian os and it stopped working in 3 days!

even the camera is 1.3mp! gsmarena get youre facts straight!

  • tonix

can i use bb's wifi even i dont join the bb plan? means i just go to hotspot area with wifi.

  • Anonymous

If you're looking for a phone that "does not hang"... the ultimate choice is here... BB Bold 9780!! Thx BB for creating such a good product.

  • Paul know it all gen

I run my own phone shop and can tell you to stop wasting your time with this blackberry and just get the BB 9800!!!!

  • Telebrokers

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2010why can't blackberry make a phone that can do video rington... moreGood luck on the battery mate!

  • Anonymous

why can't blackberry make a phone that can do video ringtones, that's why i love nokia because it has a whole lot of features and secondary camera and all, blackberry never seems to have those features. Each time they make a new one i keep looking for those features but all of them keep coming back with the same old features as if they are just the same thing only with a different name, I hardly see the difference man.

  • Cheryll

The best phone I ever had in my life

  • Anonymous

yes... dif only on ram , lens n os.. ermmm

  • JRF

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2010hey i just posted this This phone is the 9700, they just ... moreYou're right. I have a Storm 2 and want to change carriers for the 9780. But, if you have a 9700, you won't be upgrading just for a better camera. You'll also be getting more memory, which on a BlackBerry means great news. And some people like the blacked-out design compared to the 9700's smokey-grey bezel. But, I agree, spending money on those things just might not be worth it right now.

  • Anonymous

hey i just posted this
This phone is the 9700, they just changed the lens and put os6(which you can also put on your 9700) so why purchase this phone?

What i meant to say is if you have the 9700 already, theres not much of a purpose to upgrade to this just for a camera lens.

  • Anonymous

This phone is the 9700, they just changed the lens and put os6(which you can also put on your 9700) so why purchase this phone?

  • Anonymous

I'll come straight to the point. I hate BB. Why? Its like you gotto use the bb services with it. If you dont half the things wont work & the other half wont interest you.

Secondly, NO VOICE CALLING through messengers makes me laugh my ass off. We are in 2010. Yes we are. Believe me.. we are. Your blackberry may make you disagree with it but it really is 2010.

Thirdly, BBM is great. No second thought about it. But with new messengers coming up such as Whatsapp.. do i really need a bbm? A hell NO. Just for the sake of 'Hey, I have a bb pin. Whats urs'? I cant bother wasting my cash on it! It costs $0.99 to buy an app like Whatsapp.. Serves me well enough. Thanks but no thanks Blackberry. Im doing just fine.

Fourthly, Yes BB does play youtube.. Sure it does. It has a so called app on BB store 'Youtube' which would give you an error every time you try and play a video. After you try a little. Finally it will give up & play the video. Thank you blackberry for such great app. But trust me when i say this, I got better options.
There is a huge market of smartphones out there which would be happy to serve me with better experience. If you dont bother, neither do i. Not a tiny bit. Make that tiny a bit tinnier though.

Fifth, Im impressed with your 'Im a blackberry boy ad campaign' I really am. But trust me when i say this. Im not a blackberry boy. And if you ask me, fuck yes it feels good. Good attempt though. Just that your product couldnt backup your oh-so-awesome marketing. But thats okay. You tried & while you were at it you might have got a few of those dumb asses. They look happy. Surprisingly happy, considering they are dumb asses, every time i look at them i feel happier :)

Sixth, BB 0S6 is great. You just moved on from 2006 to 2007. Feel so happy for you. Wake me up when you are at 2010. Only if thats in the next 50 years. I'll be here again to congratulate you.

Good luck, you might need it! ;)

  • red-tailed hawk

Dan, 16 Nov 2010I'm able to watch youtube on my BB9700How could u ?

  • Dan

MM, 13 Nov 2010I don't recommend BB as BB App World is not for all countri... moreI'm able to watch youtube on my BB9700

  • JJ

Does the white bb9780 would have same chrome edge as white bb9700? or whitish edge?

  • Nana

Celcom Dealer Staff, 13 Nov 2010Malaysia Celcom Telecommunications will start to sell this ... moreHey i was planning to buy one from malaysia but im staying in Tanzania , so my ques i if i buy from there will this BB work anywere else or is it locked for malaysia only
secondly just like Nokia was good when made in finland or hungry which made is good in BB?

  • Anonymous

I looked at the 9780 in Carphone Warehouse today and I think the build quality is better on the 9700. The 9780 had a gap on the right hand side between the screen and the outer casing and you could see light coming from behind the screen.

  • rizwan

i think there just a differnece of camera .9700 hav 3.2 and 9780 hav 5 mega..all other is same.

  • SIBUSISO 007

i think 9780 its a killer phone......they can talk but i say bberry it is the way too go

  • yay

when the 9700 came out last year, every tmobile employee in the store had a 9700 clipped to their hip