BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry Bold 9780

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  • nze 1

Can I view PDF files in my mail box with this phone? Pls someone that tried it should reply me. I repeat, PDF files only. It urgent

  • Suraj

Hey all, I just brought it, but seems like sometime it works really slowly, it may be hung, plz suggest me how to resolve this issue? thanks in advance.

  • Ram

H.F, 17 May 2012Hi , which do you think has a better battery life bold 9780 or b... moreit has battery problem and heating up as well while charging or using camera..

  • mumin

Ofcourse the blackberry 9780 is better at battery life,the 9790 has a bigger cpu which preety much draines the battery more.

  • H.F

Hi , which do you think has a better battery life bold 9780 or bold 9790 ? Thanks!

  • Ali

Text messages disappear after 1 month - blackberry bold 9780? any help??

  • mumin

At elle,
Compared to the 9780, yes the 9360 doesn't have the battery which would satisfy a hard user.rim equippped 9360 with a 1000mah which is 50% lower then 9780.also their are people who complain they overheat.I don't have any comment to that

  • Anonymous

tingu..., 13 Apr 2012Pls tell any one... I want to buy this phone immedly... I want... moreU dont need sms when u can BBM. but ur other party need to have bb too. and to answer ur Q, no there is no tone when the sms is delivered. hope that helps. :)

  • tesh

Hi guys i am having a problem with my bb9780. the screen is showing white and nothing else. i was told that it has liquid damage and could not be repaired but i was again told to look at the phone in the battery area in the top left corner to see if the strip was red and if it was then it cant be repaired.they tell me that they would not repair it as it might be a result of humidity from my palm i have looked at it ant it is white meaning it is not liquid damage. please any advise would really help:)

  • elis

I heard that bb 9360 is not doing well when it comes to the battery life. What can you say po, mumin?

  • mumin

If your a chatting person,go for 9780 it has a better battery life trust me,but the 9360 is the latest which has the latest os.its a tough call

  • ahmad syazli

which one is better???
curve 9360 or bold 9870...

  • Malek

What is More Prefeable (Better).. BlackBerry Bold 9780 Or Blackberry Curve 9630....!

  • Anonymous

why RIM doesn't let us use windows live messenger and facebook over WiFi ????
is there any way to use WLM over wifi without using data plan ???
is this really smart phone ? why there put wireless on it ?!?!?!!?

  • sudarshan

AnonD-54056, 09 May 2012Just one thing.. The speaker is very soft.. I can hardly hear th... moreHi no the speaker is fine in this fact sending this text via BB9780.. Its a good simple phone..battery is BB after 9000.

  • AnonD-49046

Can we make voice calls through Skype from Black Berry 9780?

  • Anonymous

seguneji , 11 May 2012Pls how can I upgrade d software of my phone by using mutvisartrajan u cn upgrde ur software.

  • Dblues

D phone is okay but d battery life is not good.

  • anas akmal

this is the best phone for me!!! why?? becoz i'm not rich guy to buy newest model of blackberry.. hehehe... blackberry pricing is not reasonable at all, but BB is fun to use and cool!!

  • anas akmal

seguneji , 11 May 2012Pls how can I upgrade d software of my phone see youtube