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Vic4BBM, 29 Aug 2018This classic beauty runs BB OS. Last of its kind. Blackberr... moreInstagram and Whatsapp are still working in Blackberry. Whatsapp has to be installed manually by downloading from its website and then installing it as it is not available in their store. Facebook and other popular apps do not work.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2018The company that makes Whatsapp (Facebook Inc) used to make... morewho needs this crap what`s up from fb anymore in 2018?

  • Anonymous

vlestat77, 09 Apr 2018I think blackberry banned whatsapp for security reasons but... moreThe company that makes Whatsapp (Facebook Inc) used to make a version of the app specially for the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

But they stopped supporting it because the OS has a shrinking userbase, and it was taking up too much time and effort to continue maintaining the app, which in turn slowed down their efforts to roll out new features for the app on other operating systems such as Android and iOS.

For security purposes, Whatsapp bans all outdated, unsupported versions of the app from signing in to their service.

  • DD

Kenny, 22 Aug 2018I have ordered for classic.It will arrive next week.There a... more1. You can download the android version of What’s App but this is suitable for the text part butthere is What’s app fixer on the net that also helps you to see and send image - these two fix the issue of having Whats App - I did it and it’s fine now. The other good thing is that people on other mobiles can download bbm too now so choose which it best for your use.

2 not sure what is 4g lite - sorry.

3. Yes to both questions.

4. Not sure about google store app, never thought about it.

5. while bb mobiles are still coming out, I doubt you can make a mistake in purchasing it, I find the bb classic one of the best mobiles ever , quality wise, speed wise in regards to it opening stuff and apps from anywhere- no lag ever! If you have all want you need on it then you will find it very useful . It is reliable and strong mobile to use.

If you used iPhone a lot you may well miss those apps but you can get Pinterest and instagram on it. I never use Facebook so can’t answer regarding that.

Fluyid, 05 Nov 2018True. BB OS was much ahead of it's time. The classic had th... moreyeah your absolutely gonna use my classic until it goes dead..#bb4ever

True. BB OS was much ahead of it's time. The classic had the same gesture as the iPhone X to go back to the home screen but not many people will know. Although the latest version was designed with support for android apps, it does not really work properly. I use the classic for my job. I know that it's a pretty old phone but the thing is, the classic stands out. Sure there are phones with notches and infinity displays but none of them look as beautiful or different as the classic. I really wish that BB brings back it's own OS in the future.

Please show me the position on BB Classic to use for "Holster" - sorry, i''m not good in English - For Ex. the position on BB 9900 is SPACE key

  • Warrior

What a beautiful phone it is. BB10 OS was ahead of its time, but it didnt have much applications like Android or iOS, this was the only drawback I guess. I really wish we see Classic with Android OS in future, or I hope BB OS comes back, lol.

Very basic phone. Keyboard feels great and size is good! Emails and HUB work flawlessly. BlackBerry App World And Amazon App Store hace shut down and no longer support BlackBerry 10. Means no more Spotify, Chase, Skype, or the native Twitter app :(
BBM still works but only for text messaging. Pictures and channels no longer work. The iOS and Android versions of BBM require you submit your phone number now like What’s App >_<
Music player is excellent and the music keys make excellent control for the gym!! Music EQ sounds great too! And the browser is so capable!! Love BlackBerry!

  • BB-Fan

Kenny, 22 Aug 2018I have ordered for classic.It will arrive next week.There a... moreHello sir.
For business use the BB Classic is good,for sms and email.But some main app like Facebook and whatsapp did not have more support.To use app like this,you must download the android version from you.

  • Adil

BB Q20 is a good phone call quality best clear visibility of screen in out side recommend tp the people need clear voice and visible screen in day light.

Kenny, 22 Aug 2018I have ordered for classic.It will arrive next week.There a... moreThis classic beauty runs BB OS. Last of its kind. Blackberry will cease all supports by Dec 2019. It's ecosystem is shrinking day by day.
WhatsApp and other Android apps work, but those need to be sideloaded on handset.
Though it says 4g handset, I doubt it will support VOLTE capabilities. Though 3g will work fine.This is the case in India.

Else it's a classic BB device, which is sadly dying.
I still use BB Q5. Hate to give up, but will have to by Dec 2019.

You could have opted for blackberry with Android OS instead.

  • Kenny

I have ordered for classic.It will arrive next week.There are few questions which i would want answer to.Please help me.
1.Is Whatsapp and facebook supported in BB Classic ?
2. Is 4G LTE supported in this device ?
3.I can i install instagram, and other android apps from google play store (not games) in this ??
4. Can i install GOOGLE PLAY STORE in this bb classic ?
5. What all other problems i will face on using this device in 2018 ?.Many people are still saying that i have done a mistake in purchasing bb classic.
I just only want to use for business purpose.Will it disappoint me in 2018 ?

  • Adil shah

shefin, 24 Dec 2017I want this phone. I am from uae. But diffrent price for th... moreBuy made from maxico blackberry phone its 100% original

  • Anonymous

There is only one BlackBerry Classic. It was launched as a new phone with old aesthetic; in other words a modern-Classic. Its other name is BlackBerry Q20.

  • AnonD-733806

Very confussed. Mine is a classic. But so are a lot of them. So don,t actually know what model mine is. LOL 😨

  • AnonD-755160

i think ummm i dont know

pravin.19i, 19 Apr 2018Which one is a good buy, BB Classic or Q10?Go for Classic..

  • Agoziezilo

Well the Q10 & the Classic are virtually same spec but the later is highly rated & way more expensive. I used to want to own a Q10,but later realised that as an old user of Blackberry,the Classic would be more friendly. And really never saw a Classic user except once,so it's relatively rare. That being said,I'm having a really terribly awesome experience with my Classic,even though I bought it used,the battery yet lasts real good. Got a Google play store on it,download & play those android high resolution games on it,etc. Damn. It's my best phone so far

Which one is a good buy, BB Classic or Q10?