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still using this classic until it gonna die,,i love blackberry

Blackberry should make a qwerty phone with oreo go.

  • AnonD-133435

Toyosi, 05 Mar 2018@Halim44. You need to download the follow come OS....i mean... moreautoloader link please

  • Goru

rulez, 15 Sep 2017Same doubt brothr it's support jio 4G we browse Internet bu... moreCan it support 4g in India in 2018

This phone need a oreo go version.

  • imrankhan42514

Does this model supports OTG n how to download or install apk files from Google play store?

  • Toyosi

halim44, 08 Sep 2017i bought this phone from a friend that cant remember his bl... more@Halim44. You need to download the follow come OS....i mean the OS that the classic was released with.... download the *autoloader* then run the autoloader on windows, get a good USB cable and try switching off ur device, at this moment the autoloader should detect ur device. When the autoloader is done, ur device uld try to boot up it self..... and whoola!

  • Jeffhrey

Recently blackberry Just announced they Will no longer have the blackberry OS by 2019 does this mean blackberry OS phones Will not anymore? Viber apps ? Messenger? Facebook ? Please Help

  • Kenya

This is one of the best Blackberry classic audio sound ever... YouTube and music player On headphones 3.5mm and Bluetooth ever... Nothing its can compare to rest of other phone like apple iPhone 8 and iPhone x Samsung All new brand

  • AnonD-726158

My notification light only blink for around 10 min and it will stop blinking, anyway to make it blink longer? I am tired of having to turn the screen on everytime to see if
I have a missed call, txt or email. Thanks.

  • shefin

I want this phone. I am from uae. But diffrent price for this phone when checked in online . what do it mean ?

  • gerard

I like this phone.. i hope they will released updated version with latest processor ... 4/6gb of ram.. and large internal storage.

  • AnonD-697960

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2017What to do after 2017 to use whatsapp in this mobileHello
You can use the android version of whatsapp.Try to download on

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2017there's support till the end of 2017What to do after 2017 to use whatsapp in this mobile

  • Shakhawat

leo, 25 Oct 2017How to convert BlackBerry Classic OS to android ?Why

  • AnonD-697960

krish, 02 Nov 2017can i use whatsapp on bb classic?You can download the android version on BB Classic,because the whatsapp support for this device end on december 31'th.

  • Anonymous

nathanielZAFFRUEL, 20 Jul 2017Could someone please tell BB to resell this phone but use A... moreagree

  • krish

can i use whatsapp on bb classic?

  • leo

How to convert BlackBerry Classic OS to android ?

  • tmkhoi106

This phone is great! The trackpad is awesome, especially the navigation key. It makes me don't even want to use the touch screen. This phone is brilliant for work, message and productive stuffs.