BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic

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  • thi...

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2014Going back to blackberry when this comes out bye bye to my ... moreme too.... from iphone 5s to my favorite BB Classic...

  • wamsohc

Batery ok x?

  • AnonD-200220

Oh boy i missed this design. Good job bb for not betraying your orignal style unlike nokia that just killed off symbian

  • Divyesh

Great i m using BB for 4yrs, and it was great exp. now i m gonna buy this one.....dfntly

  • Anonymous

Going back to blackberry when this comes out bye bye to my iphone 5 s

  • AnonD-275887

Definatly, it'll rock
Love BB more then a girl

  • mukesh.sharma

Its a rebirth of Blod 9000 with bigger dispaly and New OS and Track pad Nice to see this .....

  • mukesh.sharma

i am ussing blackberry from last 5 years till the time i ussed 4 handset too happy with my blackberry realation and best customer service too and i this This will my 5 Blackberry ........

  • Anonymous

Display is goood! :) Price it good, will get one

I don't like it's model, but wow, it's quad-core and the resolution is too extreme

  • WCM

Long time wait....very bad

  • Anonymous

me gustaria z30

582 ppi, wow.

  • Anonymous

Looks good!

  • Jani


  • Mattar

All BlackBerry mobiles are outstanding, this phone looks like 9900 with latest configuration.
I will wait for it.

  • amirali A2

Blackberry is the best

  • peter

looks good, since bb doesnt change bad battery backup,no more apps useless

  • Tariq

v good

  • Anonymous

almost 600ppi that's amazing