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BlackBerry Classic

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  • abdul

i'm prefer physical qwerty, get more feel then virtual keyboard. this will be my toplist !

  • jesan10USA

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2014I m a proud owner of blackberry q5. My q5 is a very nice fo... moreI cant wait to get this 2 devices on my hands, I love blackberry phones im using. Q10 right now and I love it

  • Sas

Wasza, 23 Jun 2014Also, for the people who does not like Blackberry this are ... moreLOL I agree blackberry is better than most of these phone I used a bold 9930

  • Anonymous

I really love these both BlackBerry Passport (with a larger screen and very intriguing qwerty keyboard with a unique design) and BlackBerry Classic(Larger screen with now a toolbelt/trackpad) I'll definitely buy these 2! 'Blackberry10 the Very Fast and most Secured mobile OS yet!' 'If you want World-Class Security, Choose BlackBerry!' BlackBerry FTW :)

  • Waool

Going back to classic design is the best move ever, as all dull phones on the market are boring.

  • AnonD-276730

i think blackberry start to "revive", but their homework is just the same, pursue the Google Play and Appstore

  • AnonD-171488

The phone will run with OS10.3 and it will have 13/8mp + Image stabilizer and BSI, big batterry and it will be an AMOLED screen but not in 500+ppi..

  • N

Why does it say 10.1 for the OS? It'll be launching with 10.3 if not 10.3.1...

  • AnonD-29265

the only thing i worried about, the quantity and quality for native apps. And i don't think any kind of android apps support this resolution.(and previous too)

  • Wasza

Also, for the people who does not like Blackberry this are real phone, kids use phone just for games and those things, if they want to play just get a ps4, phones are used for communication not for playing, also Ive been wondering about Android users, they attack other phones like this one, but even thouh they have a s5 hey are not happy, they dont even like their own phone how come are they going to like other kind of phone like this.

  • Wasza

This is the combination between Q10 and Bold 9900, I did want to have a Q10 but the absence of trackpad was somethig I did not want, because the main thing would be juat avoid trying to edit or delete aletter from a word on a touchscreen phone. Moving all around wih Trackpad is all the way easy when it comes to texting. And about Bold is pretty much a phone with excellent design, is touchscreen and qwerty key board, touchscreens helps though when you are using zoom or selecting things. But Bold 9900 has a battery life that drains so quickly, and it does not have the software that Q10 has. So basically this one is going to be the final resul against these two previous devices. The only thing I am worried about is the battery life that it will have and I hope Blackbery will fix that in this chance.

  • AdamBoy64

Whoa, that's a crazy res.
Means I better start saving for it now.

  • Anonymous

mukesh.sharma, 21 Jun 2014Its a rebirth of Blod 9000 with bigger dispaly and New OS a... moreAgreed. I have the Bold 9300 and always hoped for a larger screen and fast processor. I can't wait for this to become available.

  • Hassan

I hope that this time unlike bb q10 the camera is on par with the iphone. I have been using bb q10 for almost 6 months but I am not satisfied with the camera results. Specially the camera result in low light

  • azmilkais2009

u got to be kidding me. usually blackberry is stingy to put high end hardware but this has more ppi than lg g3. #missionimpossible

  • sonu

Wow blackberry ! I am waiting for this. now i say bye bye to android. I am fan of bb native buttons and trackpad.

  • stobs

wow! super!

  • james

old is gold and its classic this time

  • AnonD-140890

Oh my... now that's a freaking sweet smartphone! Got to have this beast

  • Anonymous

I m a proud owner of blackberry q5. My q5 is a very nice fone but now after seeing the specs of classic m totally stunned. 528 ppi will make it one of the best mobile fones on earth n screen size is also good. Welldone bb