BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • SL

I have using this phone for almost 3 years. This is one of the best phone i ever used. Everything works perfectly from music,social,internet,etc. The major problem from this phone is the rubber/quality of this phone case.But overall its an amazing phone. Its worth the price

  • BlackberryUser#120

I have used this mobile phone for a year now, and i must say that this is one of the phones that can cope with the modern day we have. I definitely had a great time using this phone because it's easy to use. But there are some downfalls in this device. One of them is the rubber both on the sides. If you push those buttons frequently they tear up.

  • Anonymous

kkk, 02 Sep 2014Hey is this phone support pdf reaaderblacberry 9300

  • kkk

manu, 28 Aug 2014iam balckbery 9300 six yers using no complain eny problms.... moreHey is this phone support pdf reaader

  • Asad

Nice set

  • manu

iam balckbery 9300 six yers using no complain eny problms... battery backup superb..and all are feature super..

  • manu

iam balckbery 9300 six yers using no complain eny problms... battery backup superb..and all are feature super..

  • luan

ILIYAS, 12 Jul 2014blackberry worst mobile i ever seen very difficult use it... moreSo wrong! Its easy to use you just have tou get use to it!

  • luan

A very good phone. Have mine for 3 years without any problems. Easy to use and good features!

  • AnonD-268712

all Blackberry Phonea after BB curve 8520 are good phones. STILL THE BEST IN COMMUNICATING WITH FRIENDS AND FAM. Having used bb99790 bb8520 bb9650 Lenovop780, and currently samsung S5, bb9300 is still the best one.


wonderful phone have mine for 3years and still working better than ever, compared to the new phones made, i have a samsung s3 and i will choose my bb9300 anytime


blackberry worst mobile i ever seen

very difficult use

its not a user frindly mobile like other brands

  • doxeno

After owning this phone for over 3 years, (bought this early 2011) this phone is not a good long term investment, I can honestly say it is a buggy piece of trash. Lags all the time, freezes for no reason, I have to hard reset this phone at least twice a day because it just barely works now. Very unreliable.
All I can say is, it's 2014, get a decent android phone. Blackberry phones should be dead by now. (I for one am getting the HTC Desire 816. Now that's a proper mid-range phone!) I will soon be getting rid of this Blackberry. Good riddance.

  • waji

hi i have bb9300 but it camera doesnt works it says : close some applications before using the camera... plz someone help me...

  • Anonymous

I think this is a great phone having used it for a year now

  • manunbreakable

i want black soft

  • cs patle

i lost my blackbery 9300 i know imie no pl how i search my cell phone

  • joe106

can anyone please tell me about this blackberry i.d on my blackberry 9300, it keeps appearing on my phone but i forgot my password and i cant get it back. now i cant use bbm or anything on my phone can anyone please help? thanks.

  • shazi

dark horse, 02 Jun 2014How do you upgrade to version 6.0?no i don'nt have but i want

  • AnonD-274258

I have this phone for two years I liked it until I have puted my hands on windowsphone and on android phone. Any way this is a better phone if you not interested in gaming and apps like photo editor, visual dj, meme and other big apps. This phone is for social network and surfing internet and also calls. I like BIS it saving.