BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • Anonymous

I dont care how much free browsing u get.all blackberrys are fugly.i would consider getting 1,if bb joined the 21st century with designs

  • PrtBb

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2010Just wonder why bb is still the number one smartphone in th... moreHey, thanks for that! Somehow what you've said answered the question I've been asking myself for months. The question was, why should I choose BB. Well, I've become into a person who's more into messaging, be it business or personal. When I was younger, I was more into just games but then I now have desktop and laptop so I don't really use my phone for entertainment anymore. So yeah, maybe I'm gonna buy a BB. But I don't think I'm gonna buy this one. I prefer quality, so maybe I'll look at the pricier ones of BB.

  • wil

if it's gonna be priced below $200 i'll definitely buy it

  • Aaron

i think this is abit stuipd to be honest. ive got a curve 8520 and the wifi is fast enough. this curve is the same just with a better battery, 3g and maybe 06. the camera and all the other features are the same. RIM could of made a better product. i will not be changing my curve 8520 for this.


My friend and my brother hav the 8520 and they both say its awesome! but im lookin @ this fone 4 my mom and she needs gps which is a big up 4 her!!!!

  • Marcia

I guess some of you are not pleased with the specs of this phone, since the only big difference with the curve 8520 is 3G. A lot of friends of my son own a curve 8520 and are very pleased. This phone is probably going to be affordable for them and they really don't like that the curve 8520 only has 2G. As everybody else they like to surf on the internet and this is the answer to their prayers. They still like their BB's and this is the one they can afford. So I guess BB also thinks of users with a low budget.

  • es

What's the point in putting out a phone that's almost the same as the 8520. The exterior is a little better and there hasn't really been major improvement especially with things like the camera, how about a flash? This is the so-called brother to the 8520, but still i believe that a bit more could've been done.

  • JRF

unknown, 10 Aug 2010you guys are bunch of idiots who only knows how to complain... moreI am a Curve 8520 user and I am in no way a fanboy. I do enjoy smartphones and am always looking to have something that does what I need. The 8520 has been a great messaging phone. But, I never believed that RIM would be so wrong. When the Tour had all these issues, they released the Tour 2, but then changed it's name to Bold 9650 since everyone said that it should've been the Tour1 in the first place. I just didn't think much of it. And now, the 8520 is being re-released with 3G and GPS. But, my complaint is that our 8520, only 9 months old, will no longer be supported by RIM. This model is replacing it and it is "BB6 ready". Everything else is pretty much the same. Do you think RIM should have given our 9 month old phones BB6? Or do you accept the fact that we now have to purchase another phone? Even Nokia provided support for phones, with constant FW updates for their models that were more than 2 or 3 years old, and BB doesn't support my 9 month old 8520? Hopefully they'll release BB6 for the 8520, if not, then they are really giving us a kick in the ass.

  • Mrinal

[deleted post]Hi Friend Can you tell me what is the prise of this phone in india


  • blackberrian

unknown, 10 Aug 2010you guys are bunch of idiots who only knows how to complain... morei totally 2nd that bro!!

  • phoneaddict

unknown, 10 Aug 2010you guys are bunch of idiots who only knows how to complain... moreHey Unknown,
I totally agree with your comments. I know, not many of them are going to buy BB. They are just like girls worried not getting boyfriends when there are easy lovers out there to choose from. I believed they are just sending their comments to this blog to improve their typing skills. Hahahahahahah.

  • Voda

This is literally a low end business phone, I hate the whole new social fad with blackberry's. I dont wan't your pin so take it elsewhere.

  • The king

this blackberry is rubbish it looks rubbish and the only difference is the 3g why buy

  • Anonymous

BB is not a phone for playing... it doesen't need fancy apps and os... BB is a biznis phone... So you don't need a good camera... and those who said os is bad or outdated... well. i have a peral 8100 and it is 4 times faster then nokia x6, and the batery life is twice as long...

  • Wotzpotting

I am about to purchase a blackBerry, currently looking at the Curve. After reading all your comments, I'm not so sure. There has to be one reason why so many people are using a BB. What would that be?

  • Anonymous

unknown, 10 Aug 2010you guys are bunch of idiots who only knows how to complain... moreBut have you ever seen the Curve 8530? it only sells in America (that I know of). It's meant to be the improvement of the 8520 with 3G and GPS. This 3G 9300 is the exact same thing just with a new paint job...

  • Anonymous

pental, 19 Jul 2010not to mention that their OS is HEAVILY outdated and 6.0 is... moreJust wonder why bb is still the number one smartphone in the market? main reason it just works well, if you are into serious corporate email, messaging,etc. then this is a phone for you, but if you rather use it to play, you got nokia, iphones, etc.

  • unknown

you guys are bunch of idiots who only knows how to complain. GOD!!! when curve 8520 was released you guys bitch about it's specs not having a 3g, no flash and only 2mp camera etc etc etc... and so RIM heard all your f*ckng complaints about the curve and all that stuffs and tried to improve the 8520 because most people think that curve is such a good phone if it has 3g or GPS and now your wishes has been granted so now that it's better than the old curve, still you fools are bitching about its spec? c'mon be thankful it's a cheap phone that has 3g this phone is for those people who just want to have BB or not a business type. shame on you fools.

  • ganesh

battery life is not good

  • Anonymous

What's happening to RIM? Have they ran out of creative juices? Hahaha