BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • unknown

you guys are bunch of idiots who only knows how to complain. GOD!!! when curve 8520 was released you guys bitch about it's specs not having a 3g, no flash and only 2mp camera etc etc etc... and so RIM heard all your f*ckng complaints about the curve and all that stuffs and tried to improve the 8520 because most people think that curve is such a good phone if it has 3g or GPS and now your wishes has been granted so now that it's better than the old curve, still you fools are bitching about its spec? c'mon be thankful it's a cheap phone that has 3g this phone is for those people who just want to have BB or not a business type. shame on you fools.

  • ganesh

battery life is not good

  • Anonymous

What's happening to RIM? Have they ran out of creative juices? Hahaha

  • kev

Cracking low-cost smartphone, potentially. Processor details pls...?

  • BerryKid8520

I have to say, this is not the best. Why bring out a blackberry that looks and does the same thing with one more than a year old? 3G doesnt make up for it. Blackberry 6 doesnt even show anything new. RIM have to do better than this...

  • Ayodele

RIM is just so freaking annoying. This ain't nothing but a 3g added to my Gemini. Why on earth will I be inspired to buy it? Geeeeess!
Has anyone noticed that there is nothing spectacularly different amongst all BBs? Same ole features. To think of it that I left my Nokia for a BB is so appalling. Come on RIM, have u guys run out of ideas?

  • Anonymous

B.b has no impressive software and there design r already outdated

  • Sxxxorpion

why you ppl keep saying it has a 3.2mp camera it has the same camera as the 8520 i.e. 2.0mp........ this is just a 8520 with 3g and a shinny bezzel

  • elina

ouch the camera quality still the same with just like tour-essex and camera quality improvement..the additional are 3g n processor..what a dissapointing..

  • gary

this phone is already out in canada

  • Jason

mike, 11 Jul 2010blackberry is starting to become annoying, all they do is r... morewell said mike 100% right

  • pental

Cheeky, 16 Jul 2010get a grip man, non of the other phones can do what BB does... morenot to mention that their OS is HEAVILY outdated and 6.0 isn't anything special. it takes some cues from apple, google and palm and tries to overlay it their existing OS. They need a major overhaul.

going on hardware build, the trackpad is just as bad as the track ball. the pad tends to sink in on one side and tends to wiggle a lot.

  • pentel

Cheeky, 16 Jul 2010get a grip man, non of the other phones can do what BB does... morerims focusing on other stuff?..really?!
like what?

  • Anonymous

I think this handset looks great, as mentioned blackberry bring out similar handsets but they work!!!! this is just a souped up version of the 8520 and is great for dealers and consumers

  • Cheeky

wil, 10 Jul 2010why do people spend their money for blackberry phone? this... moreget a grip man, non of the other phones can do what BB does, there are so many possibilities with BB where you are limited with Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Apple etc. yeah the specs are not that wow but and RIM develops there own stuff, where Nokia buys there camera technology from samsung. and RIM is not worried about the pixils and camera sizes, their focus is on other stuff....

  • rickyearle

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2010RIM is doing it again!, same spec as older phones but spens... moreTry WhatsApp go to

  • Anonymous

this will be priced similar to the 8520 but it has 3g, i think this is a worthy upgrade. I dont see why you all moan that rim release the same handset in a different case. They have the storm, bold, curve and pearl and release and each one improves on the last

  • Anonymous

RIM is doing it again!, same spec as older phones but spensive as a new one!. If iphone had has the capability of the bbm, rim wouldnt last a year on market!!!.

  • mike

blackberry is starting to become annoying, all they do is release 100 phones with the same hardware but different cover
i have a BB Bold 9000 and a Storm2 9520, and i'm already sick of 'em, they are always the same, nothing groundbreaking, just a good messaging system

  • wil

why do people spend their money for blackberry phone?
this phone's (and other blackberry phones) specification is no better than 3 years ago high end phone and they sell it at the same price as today's high end phone.
open your eyes people!

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