BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • tgo

its a good phone however the trackpad gets faulty this is my second time sending it in for repairs!

  • Anonymous

BPq30, 17 May 2012signal lost..then SOS appears...any tips how to end this??Try making a call. it should make it search for signal. Worst case, restart.

  • @JHaRabang

I want to BUY this phone BB 3G 9300 this coming friday, then i want know about the battery life and any other things PLZ SOME BODY HELP? Thanks

  • cassh

I have had the phone for 6 months now the only problem I have with it is the battery life. Apart from that the phone very good, performance is exceptionally well compared to other devices.

  • Ramesh Pandya

I have very unhappy with this device. I had purchased the same 4 months back and out of this four month my device was out of order since last 3 months. I had got repaired from Black Berry service center but the way they have handle my self and my device not atmost my satisfaction. I strongly recommand that do not purchase the same.

  • joyner

BPq30, 17 May 2012signal lost..then SOS appears...any tips how to end this??I have encountered d 'sos'thing severally.what I do is switch off and turn it back on later.

  • Amar Suchak

I've been u sing this phone for about a year now with absolutely no problem and no scratches at all! When I got it, I immediately switched from OS 5 to OS 6 (at that time, it was the new awesome thing!) I use it to communicate long distances easily and simply. The best part about this phone (like any other blackberry) is that everything can be arranged and done manually if you know how to use it!
Honestly is a really good phone and recommended for the price range.

  • Anonymous

i love 9300

  • sam

all u need to do is go to bb gallery they will replace ur whole set and wil get the new set for u next day.u need to carry the bill or else its waste.

  • Josh(kenya)

This is useles BB that i can not recommend one to buy, Our company bought 20 Pieces and after 2 months most of them have issues with keypads, trackball and drains battery within 2-3 hours even after switching to 2G and turning off wi-fi and bluetooth.. Be warned...

  • biyi

hw doz diz phone it a good phone plz i nid an advise about d phone coz i want to get 1

  • Anonymous

BPq30, 17 May 2012signal lost..then SOS appears...any tips how to end this??????????????:)??????????

  • cik embun

i'm using bb9300. my question, why my bb battery can stand for only 1 hr even i've replace a new one? which should i setting? pls help... tks.

  • sarkash

its hard to switc ohh but its chrome body is vry nice nd i luv it nd the buyer will also luv it ..... i think its better to take blackberry curve 9300 in red colour instead of black (black is dusty..)
well i think best is torch so go for it if u cn afford it...

  • BPq30

signal lost..then SOS appears...any tips how to end this??

  • AnonD-55130

very good phone launched by blackberry, we can explore many things on it themes, games, other applications and very important for accessing the internet we dont have to take blackberry services it runs normally as others phones............

  • lungi

my blkbry 9300 doesnt want to switch on, it says APP Error, plz help

  • optical nurve

blacK berry is nice bt no radio was nt so bright

  • Derek Van Dam "

Anonymous, 08 May 2012I was wondering if I should get this phone for my daughter ... moreShe is way too young to own a phone, if she insists, get her a basic phone to start off

  • kolaq

Pls my phone is not changing 100%,it will stoped @ 65% pls help me out