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  • Schteff

Dtek50, 07 Aug 2018When restarting this phone theres a problem " it says Optim... moreBlackberry is incompatible with a lot of apps. Most likely, the one that makes problem to you is Zedge. Just uninstall it, and you will be fine. If you don't have Zedge installed, google for other apps that can cause this problem. Ask me anything else if you need.

  • Dtek50

When restarting this phone theres a problem " it says Optimizing App 1 of 1 in my case it takes Ten Minutes before the fon can Operate Normally again. How to Fix this never Ending Scrolling. thank you or please Send Software Update to Fix this Problem.

  • Maxiglw

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2018Phone will not update, keeps showing some kind of error mes... moretry here for update sort - need to disable Google services

  • Anonymous

Phone will not update, keeps showing some kind of error message and or verification fail.
Speaker grilles get clogged with dust and lint right out of the box. Phone is fast and snappy though. Keep in mind you will be stuck on marshmallow forever. Can't believe they won't update this phone. LED notification light is actually the front flash for camera. You cannot adjust the color or Flash rate. You are stuck with their settings. I returned this phone within 24 hours

MZ, 23 Jul 2017Started my brand new dtek50 for first time, got heated. Is ... moreIt IS normal (my friend has this phone and tells me it is)

  • Schteff

Muffin, 10 Jun 2018Does this phone even have a fingerprint scanner?!nope

  • Schteff

I swear to God that I won't buy any BlackBerry phone ever again. No, I'm not new BB user, I have used bold, q5, priv, and now dtek50. And honestly, ever since they left BB OS, their device became trash. I thought "okay, maybe priv is bad because it was their 1st android phone", so I moved to dtek50 expecting something better. But no. It was no better at all. I mean, it is usable, but phones like this you can find for way less money.
-1st of all, interface and user experience is nothing different comparing to other android phones, so forget old BlackBerry 7 or 10 interface.
-Camera is bad.
-Bugs... Bugs everywhere... You need to update phone? Well you will need to uninstall Google play services first. You want to restart device? Well here you go "optimising app 1 of 1" for like 1 hour... You want to scroll fb? Why not sudden crush.
-Battery is sooo bad.
-Charging lasts more than 2 hours...

  • Chopp

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2018True. The problem is new blackberry phones are made by Chi... moreTCL is Mexican company ;)

Does this phone even have a fingerprint scanner?!

  • Anonymous

A very glitchy phone. Not a blackberry like my old one. Something wrong with the engineering

  • rg

I just switched from Z10 to DTEK50 and I did not regret it

  • Rawkcat

Worth it to switch from iPhone to Android

  • Neo

Is this phone effective in 2018, should i buy it?
for normal use ], my phone now is z10 blackberry

  • Anonymous

Blkbrysux, 27 Mar 2018I bought two blackberry dtek50 phones and after 6 months of... moreTrue. The problem is new blackberry phones are made by Chinese company named TCL. Original blackberry were made in Canada

  • Blkbrysux

I bought two blackberry dtek50 phones and after 6 months of using them I'm ready to say that THEY SUCK. I miss the crap out of my Samsung note 5, and Samsung 6s edge plus. The blackberry phone is slow, glitchy, and cheaply designed. The phone stinks from its hardware, to its software, to its inferior battery with charging problems. A cheap copycat phone from a dying company. Ive never had an iPhone, but I'm going back to my samsung.

  • Monsher

BlackBerry DTEK50 - is absolutly the same = Alcotel Idol 4
BlackBerry DTEK60 - it is = Alcotel Idol 4S

  • kephero

AnonD-727180, 30 Dec 2017its single or dual sim...i want to buy thish fone..i need u... moreBuy Blackberry DTEK60 Dual SIM Smartphone Also Knows as BlackBerry Neon 2 Comes with 5.5 inches IPS Display, Android OS v6.0 (Marshmallow), 21MP rear and 8MP front Camera with flash, 32GB internal Storage while 4GB RAM. The processor is Dual core 2.15 GHz and Dual core 1.6 Kryo based on new Snapdragon 820 chipset and Li-ion 3000 mAh battery.

  • bombinho

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2017Can someone tell me briefly about this phoneIf you are used to BBOS10 then I would not touch the DTEK50. The Hub is well integrated and works most of the times. Just Google accounts do not seem to be able to get integrated well. Missing contacts from time to time an messages displayed double etc. made me using Google Mail for the Google account and the Hub for the main account.

Picture password is still missing. And I have lost hope that I will ever see it on this phone.

Other than that it is not a bad phone. I do not have issues with the battery as stated by other posters. Though that does not mean much as I still use my OS10 work horse as it does it all and the way you would expect it. That makes the DTEK50 just a test balloon for me which may end up as a toy at some point. Though the battery cannot get replaced easily, which could even make it a case for the recycling bin.

Blackberry is concentrating on its core business though does not seem to be able to get the hub well integrated or picture password implemented though other phones use it. That leaves me puzzled as the core business was meant to be the software development. And especially there Blackberry seems not to get the expected grip on the subject.

  • AnonD-727180

its single or dual sim...i want to buy thish fone..i need ur opinion this fone

  • Anonymous

Can someone tell me briefly about this phone