BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport

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  • horseman

a beautiful phone. can't wait to buy one.

  • Anonymous

I have been asking and hoping someone will come up with the ultimate solution to a perfect smartphone. Finally the eagle has landed.

  • Anonymous

ugly made ever

  • nvoniatis

why do i like this phone? i hate the design but i love it!

  • mmnn

wooow man ! da monstaa !

  • keya

I like this phone, blackberry is BEST

  • AnonD-7043

Nice phone.... I like it.... Nokia, plz make a Square phone with 4-4.5 inch screen.... Windows OS will look cool, Tiles will fit nice.... :)

  • Johnny

The screen/ the width of the phone is a bit ridicules... Blackberry should pump out a slide out qwerty for a z10 style phone like the nokia N97...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2014Another keyboard by stupid company.Not just a keyboard. One really ugly phone...

  • Anonymous

will buy one if they make it dual sim

  • AnonD-190491

Happy to see BlackBerry putting a new device on the market, but this one looks ugly. Another shot

  • Anonymous

Another keyboard by stupid company.

  • d

good job bb

  • First

This is one awkward looking phone but im happy that blackberry will not abandon qwerty phones. But i prefer the Classic one

  • Anonymous

BB back on track....but not with specs with BB classy looks