BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100

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  • Joe E

Any news on if this is coming out soon?
I really want one. My old pearl is freezing like crazy, but otherwise it's the best phone I've owned. I'd love a more stable build, and if this is coming to Sprint soon I don't wanna buy a Tour or Curve...

Any news would be much appreciated.

  • bettaswamy

This is good but
Ihad first bb pearl in airtel but display is amall its comeS with bb8700 look is their I will selled my bb9630 tour and I will choosing bb9100
Othervise also iam going buy this becoze this smrtest phone

  • Tabinda

JRF, 25 Nov 2009I have a question, how come people say that the Pearl got i... moreI want to know more about this phone

  • Colin

This cannot be classified as rumor anymore because theres 2 vids on youtube with this phone on and stuff and have also reported its out of the rumour mill now

  • JRF

I have a question, how come people say that the Pearl got it's name from the trackball if even the curves used one? I've never had a blackberry, my gf bought the 8350i a while back and two weeks ago I bought my 8520. I like the trackpad better than the ball. It seems smoother and doesn't get dirt stuck in there making it get stuck. Still if the pearl used it first then I guess that's why it's called that. I didn't like the keypad on the Pearl 8120 I looked at a year ago. I'd probably buy this as a second phone to my Gemini, but I wouldn't change it for the pearl. Maybe for the Bold 2. Hope these new BB's come out soon!

  • 876trutaste

ISAURIS, 24 Nov 2009Well, i have my pearl 8100 and i love it, but idont really ... morei agree completely.....trackball forever!!


Well, i have my pearl 8100 and i love it, but idont really like this thing call (TRACKPAD, BLACKBERRY should call TRACKBERRY.....

  • RIPMOA84

The pearl 8100 was a great and a very easy phone to type on. The small form factor with the short qwerty makes this phone ideal for many. Don't know where you live or who you deal with on phones but the phone will be a great addition to bb's lineup. Learn to type on a condensed qwerty and u can type faster than on any curve!

  • Anonymous

BORING!!! I'll keep my old pearl

  • galbe

it's like a fusion between 8520 and doesn't look very bad...bad as gsmarena says it lost it's will have that 520 mhz processor...maybe a 3.15 mpx camera...A-GPS...but...the true reason that I bought my last blackberry pearl was that it was big,it had the is lost...too bad...

  • RonKoroni

why have they even made this phone? the old pearl was annoying at best to type on.

  • Theonick

Looks very nice i would get one as a second BB

  • nokiafan

Nothing special.

  • elina

i heard that the codename is stratus or strike..

  • elina

camera quality??processor??

  • elina

second..hope the price isn't too expensive..