BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105

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  • George

Happy consumer, 20 Aug 2010To summarise first here are the bullet points - User interfac... moreHi, thank you for the details. we need more, keep up the good work!!!

  • elina

[deleted post]it's already sold with the distributor waranty..the price recently is about us $ 420..

  • Happy Consumer

Hope everyone is finding my mini review useful seeing as the administrators of this site seem too lazy to bother... I will be posting more shortly about the phone, anyone got questions about the 9105 just pop em here and I'll provide an answer.

Hello administrators... where's the official review!!!! I shouldn't be having to do your job!!! Put the damn touchscreen phones down and review this samrtphone please, we've waited long enough.

  • Rahul

Gaurav, 14 Aug 2010A Dam Good phone Sleek & Smaal For 19K In India I Loved i... moreHey Gaurav, did u buy the 9100 or the 9105 ?.. 9100 has the half qwerty key pad while the 9105 has the old nokia style T9 keypad.. i wanna buy the 9105 but can't seem to see them in stores.

  • Happy Consumer

Battery Life - This is pretty good on moderate and more than moderate use. Heavy usage may drain the battery considerably but it will get you through the day.

I've used mine on weekends without charging, from the battery being fully charged on Saturday morning, I've done a few calls, many texts, watched part of a film, used the GPS briefly, checked emails and browsed on the internet for about 20mins total, listened to music... it has 2 bars of battery left this morning on Monday.

Another example I watched an entire film bout an hour and a half, it drained 2 bars on the battery. Basically this is phone that can substantial use and still last before the battery goes dead. I've used similar smart phones and used them about the same as I've described above, but the battery has died by the afternoon, or early evening after being fully charged overnight before.

As much as the battery life is good, it's still pretty obvious that hours spent browsing on the net or GPS on it and too may calls too mention will drain it to the point of it flashing low battery or have it die completely so really at the end of the day it's common sense as to what can be catergorised as moderate or heavy use, but hope I've given a rough guide. It lasts but can go just as quick, it is a smart phone after all, but compared with others it does have the edge. I'd give it 8/10. More to come.

  • Anonymous

Happy consumer, 20 Aug 2010To summarise first here are the bullet points - User interfac... moreHows the battery life on this with moderate usage?

  • Happy consumer

To summarise first here are the bullet points -

User interface - First time user to blackberry but picked it up pretty quickly, it's simple fast and concise. 9/10

Display - In a world now dominated by touchscreens, this small screen with sharp resolution, copes well with most displays, from facebook, to web browsing on the go, and even full length movies, small the screen maybe it copes admirably and clear with out choppiness. Even pictures appear crisp on the screen, like having miniture HD in the palm of your hand.

Applications. At the end of the day its a Blackberry, if you fancy apps then go with other models, that's your call. RIM continue to encourage functionality and although it has substantial internal memory you don't want to go filling it with alot of gimmicks that last for minutes or days and clog up your phone so it slows down. The usual fare is on the phone or available to download, facebook links to the contacts and organiser and so the fun becomes a handy extention of your social online shenanigans. But if you want hundreds of apps then go with an Iphone. For functionality I'm giving them 7/10 it does the job with apps and won't compromise on performance. 7/10

Calling/texting/emailing. This users experience, the phone performs effortlessly, the volume has extra tweaks in the settings so there is the option to get more if hard to hear. The speaker phone option needs work wasn't terribly clear with the microphone on that setting, the actual speaker is loud and clear, but the mic... well as you will see from this review it's probably the only complaint I have ans seeing as so much has been packed into this small chassis, I won't hold that against RIM. 9/10

Media. Though not their strong suit in the past this is a model that has surpassed previous experiences with Nokia, Samsung, Windows based phones and Sony. As mentioned earlier the phone plays movies well... very well, okay small screen but taking a movie from the computer into the memory card on the phone then watching it... effortless, no hours converting or uploading, 5 mins and job done. Like wise music is quick and easy to sync and navigate. Sound has plenty of options with the equaliser and bass, the library equally easy to navigate and doesn't compromise on speed either, no matter how any songs are on it be it 100 to a thousand. Pictures look fabulous on the small screen easy to zoom and select as wallpapers, if the picture is to big zoom into a portion of it select save as wallpaper and whats on the screen at the time even if its a quarter of the image you might have panned across too, that will be the same image on your wallpaper. Extremely user friendly. No faff, no frills, just what you want how you want. 10/10

More to come soon :)

  • Happy consumer

Couple of things, I've had this phone a week now and it's one of the most outstanding handsets I've ever had. Thing is, where is the review on here and why is this site and many others not accurately communicating what this phone is capable of, for example geotagging on the photos... it can do this, yet no one says it can?? Where is the review GSM arena, happy to write one myself if you won't.

  • Anonymous

I bought a cheap one from bell and unlocked it at , it's a perfect smartphone .

  • Ghantu

kupsssss, 27 Jul 2010this is a very lousy phone dont buy this phone!!!! i just buy t... moreGr8, U dont like this phone? Hmmm. God Save You

  • viruzth

where is the REVIEW???

  • keith

hi can anyone tell me can you buy the software for this phone for sat nav as i have asked different companies (the big boys ) and they do not know it has A-GPS, com on o2 vodafone release this phone with sat nav.

  • raj

i hav been using dis phone since i born and it is really a vry nice phone i hav ever used becoz i never used any other phone except it.. so guys wht u r thinking for go and get dis bloody phone as soon as u can, kuz who knows dat wen u gonna screwed up... hurry up..!!xX

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2010pls does it use predictive txt?yes

  • Gaurav

A Dam Good phone Sleek & Smaal For 19K In India

I Loved it All My Friends in Circle are Asking From Where you have Bought

  • Anonymous

pls does it use predictive txt?

  • Anonymous

Its cool Its nice BUT battery is really bad!, what a pity,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010How does this semi qwerty keyboard works?Is it like we have to p... moreit doesnt hace a semi qwerty keyboard just a normal 123 abc keyboard. easy peasy to use!

  • elina

it's us $ 470 in indonesia with 1 year waranty but not from authorized distributor waranty..9105 hasn't been launched officially in indonesia..

  • Yackobs

i work for an independant company upgrading existing orange consumer customers....we have recieved the new pearle! on our list as an option for our customers to upgrade way is it faster than the i phone...on second glance that the i phone actually has twice the speed for internet (1GHz) and the pearle is (600GHz)...and it just seems to me thats its just a glorified 8520 curve!!!!?!!!!