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  • bencx8804389

Ronnie Scheepers, 25 Feb 2016 What is the Life span of the sealed battery?3140 Mah
Talk can get you 23.9 Hours
Standby 17 Hours
Music 72.7 Hours

  • AnonD-507817

Ronnie Scheepers, 25 Feb 2016 What is the Life span of the sealed battery?After I removed the 4 tmobile bloatware apps, battery lasts 1.5 days with moderate use. If I run google maps and mapquest for 8 hours and a bit of other web stuff, I need to charge it at end of the day.

  • Ronnie Scheepers

What is the Life span of the sealed battery?

  • john

As long as it can install different types of apps am happy but let's say Shareit apk file kick Bluetooth off

  • akash

good -battery,good life ,batter camera,brillent net experinc is nothing but known as blackberry

  • AnonD-150014

battery Life is good on me. No issues . For now i put it back to my closet. but i am happy with experience. total good experience. just FINGER PRINT is issue. for me.

  • d'Oh

AnonD-150014, 16 Feb 2016just wish this has finger print scanner on it. shame. it is so n... moreYeah I know ,, i have fingers too.. i need it badly as well

  • x

BBlover, 20 Feb 2016the batery is a shame.. I am BB lover .. I used almost all mode... morePassport is better :)

  • Drew

Ok, first time ever blackberry user with the priv (my friend responded "Oh, I didn't know this was 2005," when I relayed how I purchased a blackberry).

A few things, I'm not going to compare the android experience to the Blackberry OS experience because as I said, never used BB's OS, so unfair to compare...

As for it running on android, it runs very well. Now, it definitely lags at times, but not very noticeable. But people need to understand the company just transitioned into an entire new operating system. For the first time, it runs damn well. I bought the phone fully expecting lags and minor issues (especially at the release), but all in all (and keeping expectations within reason if it being a first time android for BlackBerry,it runs very well.

Ok, another thing I want to point out is durability. Yes, BlackBerry is known for this, but despite seeming to have a more fragile screen and overall premium feel, I've dropped it (w/o case onto hard tile floor and literally NOT one scratch; I can tell you now, if I had dropped an iPhone from the height the BlackBerry was at, not only would I guarantee atleast a Crack, good chance it doesn't make it without a screen shatter). So, while I was nervous at first, I was rest assured quickly that BlackBerry still knows what they're doing when putting a handset together.

Next, battery life. I'm having a real time hard with this. Obviously it depends on how much you use the phone during each specific day, but I still can't give an accurate assessment of the priv battery life after owning it for around 3 months now. There are times where it gets through the day and even into the next morning; but then there are days where it's just about dead by 8/9pm. So obviously usage and what apps are downloaded are the key factors. Overall though, the priv (on average) usually gets through the day and starts running low on juice probably right before bed.

The keyboard. Do I really need to say anything? It's a Blackberry Physical keyboard. For the few that don't understand what I'm getting at... You won't find a better keyboard on any other phone. And if you just can't see yourself going back to the physical keyboard after years of touchscreens, the priv offers a pretty damn good touchscreen keyboard too. But honestly, the biggest reasons I moved to blackberry is their famous physical keyboard and the DEATH OF AUTOCORRECT, and in that regard, it delivers above and beyond.

Blackberry also does a great job of integrating their apps from BlackBerry OS into Android (BBM, the hub, security, etc.).

Overall, this phone doesn't disappoint, and if you are deadset on getting a blackberry, the priv is an easy choice. I've already rambled long enough, so I'll let you guys just contemplate the text above. (I could easily go on, but unlike me, most people have lives, so I'll end here).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-444894, 18 Feb 2016battery life is NOT incredible ! this is the main disadvantage o... moreTurn off all the sensors, then see the battery life. It works good.

  • mapa sandhu

AnonD-444894, 21 Feb 2016The snapdragon 808 is the reason . They chosen bad CPU . Snap... moreyou are wrong ....battery dosnt matter .....the battery which they are giving its good..

  • mapa sandhu

i m fan of blackberry's phone.....m also using bb 9800....and bb curve....both r good phone...and when i saw bb priv..its realy amazing phone......if i talk about my phone's camera quelety its batter than another phones....its just 5Mp...nd its batter than all another phone who have 8Mp i will give ******* 7 star to blackberry. keep growing and make us happy with your amazing phones...

  • AnonD-444894

BBlover, 20 Feb 2016the batery is a shame.. I am BB lover .. I used almost all mode... moreThe snapdragon 808 is the reason . They chosen bad CPU .

Snapdragon 820 and 808 are both bad in battery life .

look at Microsoft 950/XL battery life a disaster as well and they are using the same cpu

  • AnonD-444894

Rich , 20 Feb 2016Really? My Priv battery life incredibke. here you go

keep scrolling down :P

  • BBlover

the batery is a shame.. I am BB lover .. I used almost all models . one better than the other, but the battery of the BB Priv is really bad... I am thinking to return to the Passport

  • Rich

AnonD-444894, 18 Feb 2016battery life is NOT incredible ! this is the main disadvantage o... moreReally? My Priv battery life incredibke.

  • AnonD-494177

rolando, 12 Feb 2016is bb priv can be use with skype, tango & viper?? coz, i hav... moreYes it can run all these apps cause it's android! Also I have the z10 and I have viber and skype and tango

  • Preli

I want to actually take up this phone and at the moment i have a 9900 bold and just wanted to know if the screen and buttons will be difficult for me to adapt to because i did previously have a blackberry z3 and the screen got cracked after just one fall

  • AnonD-501526

AnonD-444894, 18 Feb 2016battery life is NOT incredible ! this is the main disadvantage o... moreIn my personal opinion it is, the only phone that comes close with close to equivalent specs is the Z5 but the difference is that I'm using my Priv more often than any phone I've previously used and still getting good battery life, Prehaps it's just me, I would however like to know if you have both owned and used the phone for more than a week? It's possible I just happen to have unusual usage patterns

  • Anonymous

AnonD-93911, 14 Feb 2016had the priv love it runs fine and since the update battery seem... morehow did you change the battery life??