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  • AnonD-456728

NYOSAH, 19 Oct 2015I love BB bt I hate android I dnt know how this is going to work... moreWell, Mr Chen thinks it's neccessary to get a foot back into the mass market. I'm afraid he's wrong. Give the childish appionados their android/iOS play ground and leave BBOS to the adults, please. Microsoft's phone market share is not impressive, is it? However, they never ever would give up WindowsOS.


I love BB bt I hate android I dnt know how this is going to work. if they can make the priv with a BBOS bt either than that I think I will stick to my BB Leap

  • AnonD-456728

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2015Android????, what hapenned with blackberry 10 and the BlackBerry... moreI second that. I will stick to my trusty z30 as long as they support BBOS. As soon as they stop the support I will say Goodbye to Blackberry. Another android animal in the overcrowded android zoo? No, thanks.

  • AnonD-448329

my next phone! it rocks!

I wonder, why this device lacks an FM Radio, when their other devices have this basic feature.

  • Majid Kavish

indian-genouis tech, 18 Oct 2015I wanting these phone to buy.these will be my next mobile to bou... morei only use blackberry and my next bb this one

  • Anonymous

it's have cool features and a lot of space that suit your all things to store

  • Vishnu S Raj

wonderful spec phone....but 2mp secondary camera is what makes me sad about this phone....

  • Anonymous

shah, 17 Oct 2015anyone knows the expected priceExpensive. Like 800USD

John Chen`s favorite movie is Back to the Future. Where everyone still uses a QWERTY keyboard.

Nuff said

  • wickrgiha

Good features. But they have missed these days most important selfie cam. It is 2mp. It shoud be at lest 5mp or higher to compete with others.

  • xyz

guys BB is the best phone i ever, liked. its really cool and i prefer only BB and Iphone... so no bad comments pls. frst use thn post ur comment... otherwise get lost... of here..

AnonD-23486, 18 Oct 2015Android has overstayed its useful time. Will never buy anything ... moreYeah, which you are making, so best of luck, and we will come back in what, 779 years?

No, the number figure is NOT a TYPO.


  • Fawzan Thobaity

Priv is Perfect ^__^
i will buy it

but i have a suggestion for BlackBerry
another Priv ...
i want BlackBerry (( Priv+ ))
with this specifications & improvement :

Sim card slots : Dual sim ( all 4G LTE supported at the same time )
CPU : Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
GPU : Adreno 530
Touch ID : - Fingerprint sensor in the back of the device
Battery : 4200 mAh
Display size : 6.0" inches
Android version : 6.0 Marsh mellow
contain these ports :
USB type C
micro HDMI
Resistance : IP68 certified - dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes


  • AnonD-114756

AnonD-240452, 17 Oct 2015pardon the sheep, they don't know any betteryou're exactly right!

  • teo

This is the third very good device from BB in the last two years. After Passport and Classic now it's Priv. If it will work as it should and expected I'll go for it. Nice work BB!

  • hgw

I think they should consider the phone in more than I size screen.

  • ansh

Waiting for this..its awwwwwwsome..!!!

  • Sumit

I think these configuration come in low wise poor phone

  • xz

my next phone

  • bbfan

is the 0,37 confirmed cause a blackberry official stated that its thinner than a note5 but the note 5 is 0,30