BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv

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  • AnonD-411807

Finger print? :(

  • yo

4 wath 2k display ????????????????????????????? batery life 0 !!

  • AnonD-419085

The rise of blackberry indeed. It will rock.

  • Stevles

This has absolutely epic potential. So sick of swiping text input, 20% of the time it gives me the wrong word regardless of which keyboard I'm using (Swiftkey at the moment).
QWERTY would just be fantastic. Just one thing: MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR AUSTRALIANS!!

  • Abhi

Ratri, 26 Sep 2015This is so cute.I'm loving it.What is the mobile name

  • Haddad_alhaddad

I dont like Android os on blackberry

  • Anonymous

Jake, 26 Sep 2015Omg! This must be the rise of blackberry! Looking forward to Nok... moreOnly if the price is right!!!

  • Jake

Omg! This must be the rise of blackberry! Looking forward to Nokia too!

  • Anonymous

Im getting it when it comes out.It's something different.

  • Mickky now blackberry days are started..this device will beat all its competitors

  • Ratri

This is so cute.I'm loving it.

  • XgogiD

Lol at the people that thinks qwerty keyboard is not needed as such. You guys are dumb. This is abviously for the people that has grown up with blackberry but has moved to a different platform because, IMO, is the lack of apps. Now blackberry had jump to the android bandwagon with a keyboard that most blackberry user used to love to get back into typing with a proper keyboard. If you don't like the keyboard then buy an iphone or samsung. You are not forced to buy this. Seriously people nowadays.

  • AnonD-444733

Think BB got a winner here. Android platform with a 5.4 inch touch screen. 18 mpx cam rear and 5 front is all specs that are on par with what the competitions has right now, even though 18mps is a bit more I would say. The qwerty slider is something yet to be seen in a while now. Sure you got touch screen and the idea might be becoming obsolete but qwerty is still a great option. The design is sleek and the other specs are looking good too. Now make this cheap and I think you could give some grief to Apple and Samsung

  • adi izwan

one of my dream mobile all this few years. i been searching for this kind.. screentouch+qwerty..

  • Sony

More likely promising!!

  • AnonD-418881

A quarty phone in 2015 ? Really ? Most ugly looking android phone ever.

AnonD-69442, 25 Sep 2015coz most of them want phablets... and 5.4" is still not eno... morei swear it will be a sad day for people like me to see the physical keyboard vanish from the mobile market, it's just a preference some like on screen keyboard some like physical buttons i am one of the second group

  • AnonD-444676

OMG, finally! I love Blackberry just due the Querty keyboard. I like Android O.S. pretty much, but I simply can't type on the keyboard. Tried several phones, but it's impossible for me. Can't wait to have this BB in my hands...

I'm so buying this

  • AnonD-69442

AnonD-108054, 25 Sep 2015Huh how is 5.4 small??? This thing needs to slide up for the key... morecoz most of them want phablets... and 5.4" is still not enough... 5.7" are standard size now a days that people focus on... moreover this swipe out keypad is another ugly thing from blackberry... god knows when will they remove those hardware qwerty buttons permanently...