BlackBerry Storm 9500

BlackBerry Storm 9500

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  • Anonymous

Does anyone have any idea whether there is going to be another Blackberry bold with Wi-fi??

  • shaun

honestly how can any smartphones these days come without wifi, i wouldnt buy any phone without wifi these days, :)

  • GREG

the battery is shocking.i charge overnight and by 15h00 it is flat.
the accelerometer is also slow.
the touchscreen is fantastic.

  • Z

Just got BB storm a few days ago so far so good it takes a while to get used to but other than that you just have to read the manual.
1. You can Zoom in and out in all application not just browser.
2. Email pretty good
3. Battery life 1 day with a lot of fiddling.
4. Small problem with email signature, you have to contact the carrier and follow how to change it I still havenít figured it out.

Im satisfied as my first blackberry

  • KAB

Had this phone 2 months its a nightmare!!!!
Vodafone network driving me crazy, worse reception of any ive used T mobile best, must get rid of this phone back to curve for me

  • steed

Dude40, 03 Feb 2009This phone isn't a complete business solution or multimedia towa... morelook i say this before and i will say it again STOP talking bad about the the iphone and stop competing it do u see any iphone news or magazine compering anything ? The storm is a big joke if u can do anything done whit this toy let me know what
1 is slow 2 the keybored is so bad that i think if i use the regolar mobile kbored is faster no softwhere avelabole yet the battery is bad and so on u cant use the mobile for nuthing what a bad fone and is ugly

  • Julio

No, it does not have WLAN!....

  • irvan

is that true BB Storm 9500 didn't have WLAN?????

  • Bond

What a horrible bug filled phone! Couldn't get on with this at all..

  • It has blue tooth

Not sure what some of you guys are talking about. This phone does have bluetooth. I have one with bluetooth.

  • Anonymous

guest, 30 Jan 2009Blackberry is really in the dark world. The phone is over $500 ... morethe storm has bluetooth you do not need wi-fi it is a great phone

  • Jonathan

I'm thinking about getting this phone. I live in the US so I'm kinda bound to Verizon. I never really saw this as something to take on the iPhone, but is this device really is bad as some of the people say it is. Or should I just get the new 8900 Curve, which really impressed me the few minuets i played around with it.

  • Anonymous

I like the features, but im having problems with the charge life of the battery, Fully charged to flat about 12 - 15hours,without blue tooth turned on, I May have a dodgy battery, anyone else having the same problems ?

  • Dude40

This phone isn't a complete business solution or multimedia towards phone. The design was quite good, but compared to feature that a Windows Mobile installed phone... it can't do jackshit.. With a price above $500... i wanna have features better than nokia smartphones or HTC (if it's a business phone). If this phone really-really user friendly...? why we should read the manual anyway? Coz user experiences lies inside and outside of the box!!! Not only the UI!!!! THATS WHAT USER FRIENDLY IS!!! I consider that this phone is a regular phone... Lot's of other brands selling this kind of specification under $500... Let's say.. HTC??? People bought this phone because it's services... else... it's BALLSBERRY... Or...lots of people here are Blackberry fanboys and maybe lots of them doesn't bought this phone by their own money!!! Just pick a phone that meets your requierments...if you choose might love this..."'s a blackberry!!! You're so cool!!"

  • Anonymous

i have this phone and i have had an iphone the storm is a million time better thn iphone in experience in phone sales every iphone has had issues where with the storm its 1 in 5 its features are better its easier to use and can do anything eg mms bluetooth unlimited data you can also store up 2 32 gb worth of memory to be totally honest with you iphone is just a brand where the storm is quality class and sophistication.

  • Anonymous is a group of SCAMMERS!!

have a look at this thread

  • bob

doesnt have wifi..or else an awesome fone

  • Ravi kiran Ph 994567

Not Yet Seen Its very warst experiance in my life

  • Roy

I heard that there was a noise cancellation system. But I cannot find its specification.
Does anyonw know the access path to get Blackberry specification?


  • Anonymous

can you use this as a vodem??