BlackBerry Storm 9500

BlackBerry Storm 9500

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  • JC

I am going to buy this Storm. I checked with the shop, they said can not write Mandarin. I need mandarin. they told me I must buy from outside country.

Is that anyone using this phone with mandarin capability?

  • Anonymous

vodafone empolyee, 08 Jan 2009hello kittykat yes you can use the blackberry in usa on att but ... more@@ wow, that good,so even the phone is unlock i still can use blackberry email service~

  • jerell

on a scale for from 1 to 10 i give the phone (from personal experience) an 8 and i say 8 instead of 10 because of loading issues that should have been resolved before blackberry put the phone out for sale. Sometimes you cant even answer the phone because of this issue but other than that the phone is FREAKIN AWSOME.

  • vodafone empolyee

hello kittykat yes you can use the blackberry in usa on att but will pay for what data you use

  • DeViL13

Hi All,

I have Sony Ericsson P1i and I’m using the Blackberry service here in KSA through Al Jawal network & Mobily network…. This service cost me around 200 SAR per month :( which is costly…

If I bought Blackberry device do I still have to pay for the service or it available in the device?

Plz. Help me with your answer :)

  • hellokitty

can i use blackberry e mail srvice with ATT in USA?

  • Brad

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Thanks for the email response.

I might be interested and admit I am surprised at the cost. Not bad! Less than $ 350 for one 9500 is a good price.

Are these locked to a carrier or unlocked and are they new or refurbished? Packaged or opened?

Also, where would they be mailed from? I live in the US and was wondering about the delivery cost for one 9500?


  • vipul

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2009what is the difference between blackberry storm 9500 and 9530cude 9500 is 4 gsm network and 9530 is cdma

  • RC

this is a brilliant phone just need to ensure you charge it often because as with all pda it soon gets through its battery i cant understand why certain people are slating it i hope vodafone are working on version 2 as i would definitely have one again

  • ryan

one thing bad about blackberry phones are the speakers. the speakers has 32 channels, and it sounds like sh****t!!!

  • Frustrated Storm Use

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2009You can actually put in two MicroSD cards, if you look, there ar... moreI can only see the 1 memory card input which is located below the battery behind the cover? Where on earth is the second slot?

Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

what is the difference between blackberry storm 9500 and 9530


Brian M, 04 Jan 2009Gotta agree about the screen. Seems some goose forgot about a ch... morei cant comment on the screen gap ...but in regards to the acceleromiter issue have you upgraded your software yet??? my guess is not


Anonymous, 28 Dec 2008Got the phone unlocked and using on Orange! Wicked phone! Never ... moreYes but you will never be able to use it with blackberry services provided by other networks it will only work with vodafone rim subscription ( emails MMS Satnav ect )...Ha!

  • Tennie G.K.

I think now blackberry co is tailor making their devices which fits customer's preference. This phone is the bomb.

  • Brian M

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2008The build quality is still rubbish Brenda, look at the buttons a... moreGotta agree about the screen. Seems some goose forgot about a cheap Teflon edge to stop the dust and worst of all the screen on my piece of junk moves laterally. The accelerometer or whatever they call it also has a mind of its own. God try but not good enough BB

  • Anonymous

Big Tone, 03 Jan 2009Great phone, does everything but wash my socks, on a downside,be... moreYou can actually put in two MicroSD cards, if you look, there are two slots.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2008If you are having problems with your storm please check the foll... moreHere is the link for Australian BB storm owners:-­softwareupdates.htm

  • Big Tone

Great phone, does everything but wash my socks, on a downside,because of all the functions it takes ages to re-load if you have to remove the battery. And they don't tell you where to put the micro flash card, try taking the back off and see where it should go. Given this slight problem its a brlliant phone. Talk time not to long especially for a wind bag like me, will just get a spare battery.

  • nick hvc

Glenn, 27 Dec 2008this phone is absolute rubbish... i work at vodafone and i have ... morei have a storm and is quality; you obviously work in returns - why not try another job if thats your opion