BlackBerry Storm 9500

BlackBerry Storm 9500

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  • James

I have just used a demo in my local Vodafone store and I was not that impressed.The OS is slow to respond and there is quite a gap between the screen and the outer casing.
The Bold is a lot more responsive overall.It is a lot easier to navigate with the trackball.

  • vodafone

is it personal use? just because the reason is the it that we offered to business customers first. we havent got and in stock. we going to have thousands in on wendnesday we can confirm so u will get ur's after the weekend. in store had it but limted, nearly 3000 have already gone out. dont worry you will get it with a better deal. thanxs

  • Anonymous

Have to say this phone is a serious let down! was really looking forward to a phone capable of giving the iphone a run for its money, sorry to say this isnt it.Slow UI, boring design, software issues.... the list goes on. Wasted opportunity by blackberry and voda.

  • suckeggs

vodafone, 14 Nov 2008i am a call centre agent for vodafone and the blackberry storm h... moreSo vodafone, does this then mean that the lady i spoke to in customer services who told me their were plenty in stock was then lying to me? And can i ask why the phones were only made available to new customers and why existing customers due an upgrade now have to wait another week? or why Vodafone didn't stock up adequately as O2 did with the iphone?

pass this to your management.... 6 p's.... proper planning prevents piss poor performance.... Vodafone have just provided a piss poor performance and have upset a lot of existing customers... this phone was specifically for vodafone to fight against O2 and the iphone but by not stocking adequately are probably going to lose custom to 02 because people can phone now and get an iphone by the morning.

  • vodafone

dont get the storm software issues!!!!!

  • shredddaaaaaaaaaaa

i am totally annoyed that vodafone have not got this storm in stock y hasve they not got it i cant believe i have waited since i was 6 for this phone please some1 help me im losing it

  • Anonymous

wbm68, 12 Nov 2008just spoke to the manager in the local Vodafone shop and they ar... morebut there all out of stock they cant help it you will get one so calm down

  • vodafone

i am a call centre agent for vodafone and the blackberry storm has gone out of stock until wednesday. pre ordered handsets have been sent out.

  • suckeggs

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2008Vodavone are also turning away 'upgraders' from high street shop... moreTotally agree with you there anonymous.

I have just got off the phone to Vodafone and i am annoyed.... big time.

I was told that i would recieve a phone call today to order my phone. I am due to go into a meeting soon and thought i would phone them in case they called me and i couldn't answer. When i explained to the guy on the phone I was then told that i wouldn't have got a phone call at all today and that i would have to wait until next week when they get them in stock. I then told him that i have spoken to Customer services and been told that they have plenty in stock he then told me that they are for new customers who pre-ordered and his department who deal with existing customers don't have any to offer.

Now i am angry.... i am really looking forward to getting my phone and to be told that an existing customer who has not missed a bill in years has to wait while they keep their new customers happy is a joke. When they have handsets in stock at Vodafone i can not understand why customers wishing to upgrade have to wait... especially when their resoning is that they are their for new customers... i am so cheesed off with Vodafone.... cheeky gits... i'm paying just as much... if not more, than any new customer will pay so why the difference in treatment?

  • Anonymous

Vodavone are also turning away 'upgraders' from high street shops even though they have stock in store - these are being held back for new connections/customers - a joke for exsisting customers!

  • Anonymous

suck eggs, 12 Nov 2008Too many people are commenting on the lack of Wifi as if it dete... moreUnlimited usage of 500mb applies - therefore not unlimited, not like iphone on o2which is truely unlimited and has wifi.......

  • Anonymous

Release date is today, we have been taking pre orders all week for today.

  • Kev

Yes apparently Vodafone will be getting warehouse stock throughout the day! Good luck everyone! :)

  • oto

Is the storm just for vodafone or will it be avaiable on other networks, i got told yesterday that t-mobile will be getting the storm at the end of the year, has anyone heard any different.

  • ANON

Got mine this morning not had chance to open it but just letting you guys know there aint been no delay


Does not worth it! What in the world?! LoL

Okay, a few days ago, I cancelled my pre-order. It was taking too long, and I was really impatient. I don't like it when you change dates, especially if you change the dates 4 times!

I went to a Vodafone shop earlier. Hey, there's a Storm.

I left the Vodafone shop with a charging dock, and the assurance that I'll get the device on Saturday morning. Boy, is this thing beautiful!

Yeah, the Bold is great, so is the iPhone, as well as the HTC Touch HD. But having been SPOILED by how BlackBerry devices work, and having tried the Storm itself in the store, I cannot wait to get my one! :)

  • Anonymous

Vodafone have handset in stock on telesales channels

  • ANON

We have just had a text from Vodafone telling us our Storms will be delivered tomorrow morning between 8 and 10am

  • able

This phone does not worth it!
It has no wifi, no infrared.
I think you should have developed BOLD 9000 MORE,

  • Anonymous

ave got my blackberry storm