BlackBerry Style 9670

BlackBerry Style 9670

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  • Anonymous

Why they don't make gsm type on this model ???.

Don't push your luck on hoping people to keep buying flip model like pearl 8220.
That is a super crap shit phone pearl 8220.

Or the BB team is not creative enough to have that idea(make gsm model).. Lol...

  • Anonymous

The phone is crap! It drops calls left right and center not to mention people have told me they heard an echo.

Do not buy!!

  • Chandeth

I really love it so how can i buy and whether it can be used in my country or not ( Cambodia )? thanks for your advise...

  • gill

I really want one of these, when will it be available in the UK

  • AnonD-62565

plz tel me this celhave a dictionery option

  • SID

Please release the GSm version the fone is gud bt need in GSM !!!!!!!1

  • sunny7747

is this a touch screen phone!!!

  • Jay

quality phone

  • AnonD-55411

AnonD-59591, 18 Jun 2012wow there is some one arabic has post a comment in gsmarena this... moreHo?

  • Sid

Please make it available in gsm also.

  • AnonD-59591

wow there is some one arabic has post a comment in gsmarena this is somthing you dont see it every day

  • saurabh

its a good phone , but its drawbacks are that its os is not upgradable(only os 6 available) , second is that its not a touch screen phone and 3rd is that password protection is not secure unlike the android and other phones donno why .still its a super sexy and truely a smart phone .:)

  • Sameera

its a gud mobile i use its but it is not avalable in jeddah ( saudi arabia )

  • AnonD-55411

Can it make a phone call

  • grajo

rachyluv, 01 Jun 2012please where can someone gets this blackberry style and how much... moreportable phone, were can one get it and the cost pls?

  • JC

if RIM release this in GSM & the feature is like torch 2, i believe this product will become "quantum leap".

  • rachyluv

please where can someone gets this blackberry style and how much is it?

  • kom

Why dont we get this in Pak??

  • dedi

drshaam, 21 Apr 2012its bloody shit that this model is not launched for GSM user's hai RIM, please release for GSM too ....


hie , i like ths model specially the pattern if u may see lots of flip handsset were there in market but lukin forward to this handset i was literally has smile were i can gift this model to one of my relatives or else i can buy this for me blackish colour is in top list of in comparision