BlackBerry Style 9670

BlackBerry Style 9670

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  • Sarah

AnonD-10394, 04 Nov 2011just bought it..the keypad is so roomy & comfy compare to BB... moreWhere did you buy it from?

  • drshaam

its bloody shit that this model is not launched for GSM user's

  • YAS

is that true that this device cannot use with GSM? in my country, we can use both GSM and CDMA with ON/OFF mode.

  • Robert

Why not make the same model for GSM users

  • klein

it's a shame that does not support gsm network :(

  • guy ho found the pho

The battery life is really good

  • Silver Flame

I am in South Africa and would love to get this Blackberry. Where can I buy one?

  • yulianto

why batt is so bad? I'm charge it at 06.00 am and the battery less 60% at 10.00 am..

  • Anonymous

where can i buy this phone im from philippines

  • Anonymous

razz, 20 Feb 2012where can i get this model , and how much ?all around the world

  • RAD

After reading every thing, like the specs & such ... EDGE is "no" ... so does this mean no blackberry messenger with this 1??

  • neel

i love this model

  • Anonymous

how much

  • Anonymous

Cant they make a GSM version of that phone???As it's the only fold smartphone available

  • jini

sickest phnever m using it hangs too much

  • razz

where can i get this model , and how much ?

  • karthik

Pineda123, 03 Feb 2012i really want his phone i wish it is gsm network and i have a qu... more's there in gsm but cdma is good

  • Pineda123

i really want his phone i wish it is gsm network and i have a question is there a gsm version of this pls answer me anyone

  • jenni_m

This mobile shoule be available to both CDMA and Sim Card users as well so that everyone who would like one could get one.
They do sell copies of this mobile in China but it is not 3G but it does everything that the other one does i.e. internet browser facebook to say the least.
I hope that Rim releases one that takes a sim cos I would prefer 3G.

  • prem

is this mobile available in gsm and what is the price of this mobile..??