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BlackBerry Torch 9800

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  • Ella

why is it call blackberry torch???

  • ajaydalmeida

Quite simply, this is the worst phone i have owned. Its less than 6 months old and the touch screen is already acting up. Its come to a point where i have now stopped using the touch screen (and thats why i bought it in the first place) RIM has a lot of bugs to get rid off before they launch their next touch screen phone.
I'll be selling this soon and will move to an Apple product for the first time in my life.
Good luck RIM, i will not be using ur products for a long time after this experience.

  • Anonymous

Beautiful smartfone.

  • AnonD-8044

Engeltjie, 25 May 2011My dad had the same problem. When you want someone to bluetooth ... moreThis accept by bluetooth by the owner is BB way of telling you that you yourself have to allow any blutooth transfers.I feel so secure with B they look after and i know browser and some things are slow but it going through BB security servers first and that what you pay your BIS/BES for All heads of sate use BB are they are rock solid security.

I think this security is a good thing.

  • AnonD-8044

n0ifgh, 28 May 2011Don't get this phone i had it for less than a year and i alway... moreSounds like your an apple fanboy..

  • n0ifgh

Don't get this phone i had it for less than a year and i
always take good care of my phone's ,... in less than a year my phone started to go off even though my battery is
great and new ,the slide keeps getting jammed and even though its a 3G phone i always get bad reception i got the iPhone its bin with me for a year and a half : (great battery life,.. amazing camera,clear screen
great reception.. incredible touch screen function ..)
overal the blackberry torch sucks but if you really wanna get a blackberry i suggest you get the blackberry bold ,its practical i've had it for two years and it still works great a practical phone i must admit.

  • tourchy

When u buy it U will find another sensation of using blackberry. So far so good to use this device since 2 months ago. Note: I don't think that it has 16 M colors, the lcd color is not bright as another 16 M colors phone.

  • mrmif

flowz, 16 May 2011please my blackberry torch joystick is malfunctioning, what can ... moresounds like a software problem you can run the software on the phone you can download it of the internet.or take it to a blackberry centre.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 May 2011 boring message boring post of some one iJaz Hello everyon... moremy only comment is, you're the only commentator here who has a good english, just keep on giving points of view here, about cellphone units for others to know if they chose the right one for them.


Anonymous, 26 May 2011 boring message boring post of some one iJaz Hello everyon... morethank you so much ijaz . realy thank you !.

  • britbrit

is it normal if my BB Torch doesn't have the sign "TORCH" in between the camera n the flash?

otherwise, this is the best phone i've ever had! love it!

  • joelpogi

blackberry phone sucks!!!
their phones offer less feature compared to the asking price...

  • AMY

Gem, 25 May 2011 To * AMY if u want to used ur bluetooth using ur bb handset... moreto gem
eya gem tanz 4 replyin me bt i think u nt able 2 gt ma problem....actually thr is no option 4 sending pictures which has been recently clicked....i mean its been a month if m cliking any picture m nt able 2 send it through bluetuth evn i cant transfer it trough usb in2 ma laptop so plz help me.....

  • Anonymous

hartie, 15 May 2011am dying to have a blackberry looks good i'll send u one dnt worry

  • Anonymous

boring message boring post of some one iJaz

Hello everyone, I am using a BlackBerry Torch 9800 for a while now and I would like to share my opinions about the smartphone.


1. Larger screen compared to other BB devices like Bold 9700.

2. Comes with a QWERTY and it makes life a lot easier.

3. BlackBerry OS 6.0 has its own advantages like the new home screen. Search capabilities.

4. 5.0 megapixel camera with continuous focus is really more than enough for a bussiness phone

5. Very good audio output through headphones. I tested with my BOSE tripod in ear headphones and the sound quality is as good as Apple iPod.

6. Video player is sharp and bright. Handles high quality videos really well.

7. User interface is very fast. Thanks to 624MHz processor. Application switching and multitasking is a joy

8. At the end of the day, it's a BlackBerry


1. Touch screen sensitivity is really good but not as good as an Aplle iPhone/iPod touch

2. Not all apps will work in every country. So before you buy a BB Torch make sure your service provider supports BBM, enterprise email service, App world etc.

3. BlackBerry doesn't recognize or connects to ad-hoc wi-fi networks. So if anyone has a laptop set up as a wi-fi hotspot and wants to connect his BB, he has to use a software named Connectify and he must have a laptop with Windows 7 operating system.

4. Built in app for MS office let's you open/edit MS word/excel/powerpoint file but you won't be able to use premuim features. You can't even create a new file.

5. No PDF reader provided unless you purchase the whole documents to go app. I can provide you the registration key and activation key for the Documents to Go app (see me contact email below)

6. The default browser works well. But it's a bit slow when it comes to loading large pages. I would recommend using opera mini. Works really fast.

Final words:

BlackBerry Torch is a great smartphone with the usual BlackBerry services. But this phone also combines a touch screen and a QWERTY and various other media functionalities. It's a perfect phone for a business user who likes to stay connected with the internet and also wants to take a snapshot while he's travelling. It's like an Internet cafe with a movie theater inside. Finally, I would love to help whoever needs any kind of support regarding this or anyother cell phone. Please contact me (, you can also visit my profile on
Hope my opinions help you in choosing the right phone.

Thank you

  • anjana


  • Spikkels

you can use vuclip for youtube downloads

  • Gem

To * AMY
if u want to used ur bluetooth using ur bb handset. Go to manage connections then click bluetooth to activate - if u want to recived files like video, music, pictures - go to media - click picture or music or video - then click the menu button (blackberry logo) then select receive using bluetooth

for sending files (like pics or music or video)
- go to manage connections to activate bluetooth
- go to media
-select files
-click the menu (blackberry logo)
- select send using bluetooth

hope it works

  • Machines mid valley

Too bad..this phone out of order everywhere

  • Engeltjie

AMY, 23 May 2011welll m also facing d same problem as m nt able 2 send pix throu... moreMy dad had the same problem. When you want someone to bluetooth you a picture file you have to go to your pictures first and then the other person must send you the file and then you accept it by going to the menu bar at your pictures. It works the same way with music and videos.