BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800

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  • The Hand

This phone is a dog. It's difficult to use, ugly, bulky, illogical to operate, decides to open and close menus all on its own, the track pad does not work properly, neither do the apps. It canít even play You Tube when you click on the icon that comes with the phone. I hate it and wish I had bought an iPhone 4 instead. There have to be better phones out there..

  • Jeeperscreepars

Ooh!wel the 9800 its a very cool phone.You know why? because its best of both worlds,keypad and full touch screen,if you dont like touch you can always use your keypad and vice versa.

  • trouble

I receive an attachment email from my friend in which that email contains wmv files, I downloaded and couldn't play that video. Anyone know why?

  • Lisa

My torch is lagging as well and not keeping charge. Now it heating up air the bottom half of the handset. Please someone, tell me what's going on :-(

  • astroboi

This is the only blackberry that isnt butt ugly.they should hire sum1 from nokia design might have os issues but they make attractive phones.

  • anny

browers, 23 Feb 2011Yes,the Blackberry Torch 9800 is very wonderful, I bought one fr... moremay be i should go to buy one,are you sure your blackberry torch 9800 is original from

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2011Love this phone, but the track ball keeps moving without me aski... moreCheck the sensitivty settings this may help.

  • dishank

best mobile i have ever seen and i am going to buy it today just want to ask the people that which is better tourch or n8 or iphone or htc hd 2

  • hi

i m not able to set up my email any ideas?????????

  • Anonymous

I want to know if its possible to watch TV lifestation, live TV, or any live channel ? Please answer this question..

  • Anonymous

Love this phone, but the track ball keeps moving without me asking it to move. overall all its a dam nice phone

  • Niesje

I LOVE the blackberry torch!!!

  • lia

AnonD-2321, 23 Feb 2011can anyone help me with selection of blackberry phone as, all th... moreIf u do a lot of internet browsing, emails & document viewing, get Torch, the big screen DOES make the difference... Besides, it comes also in white & red, the old black  is too common..

  • browers

Yes,the Blackberry Torch 9800 is very wonderful, I bought one from ,it bring me a lot of fun and convenient, i like it very much.

  • AnonD-2321

can anyone help me with selection of blackberry phone as, all the recent model having same hardware (CPU) & software like tourch, bold & pearl, then why one shud pay more. for 1 or 2 additional feature.

  • mehul

can someone help me with selecting blackberry phone as i see no or marginal difference in hardware (CPU) & software of tourch bold & pearl, then why would someone pay more just for 1 or 2 addition.

  • Anonymous

I had a Storm previously and was glad to be rid of it, so I got the Torch with trepidation. Guys, you can read all the reviews and opinions you like, but until you get your hands on this device you will not appreciate what a well sorted peice of kit this really is. Everything is intuative, no lag and a dream to use. Well made and has all the useful apps one would want and the ability to delete the rubbish. Seriously impressed and a convert. I would urge those who are even vaguely thinking of the Torch to go and give it a test drive before you part with your hard earnt.

  • sameer

Ritesh, 18 Feb 2011Confused between Torch and Bold 3..... Any advice or suggestions.....go for bold3 best u will enjoy.....

  • sh

how to save a new received call number to an existing contact data

  • sameer

Duncan, 21 Feb 2011My BB torch start lagging and the batery drain fast due to the l... moreits better to get rid of TORCH.....go for bb 9780 the best...