BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800

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  • eminememmaaa

is this a good phone ... which one would you recomend the blackberry curve 8520 or the blackberry torch ? please help :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2011 why would anybody have this phone? very uglySimply because it looks very good and works even better, probably neither of which you manage to attain.

  • Anonymous

why would anybody have this phone? very ugly

  • angel

ugliest phone of the ugliest phone history

  • David K

jack, 03 Mar 2011when on call waiting .. screen of bb remains off .. how to turn... morewhen you move the phone from your ear, the screen display re-appears and you can press the buttons

  • User

I was a diehard iPhone user until it started playing up. Finally managed to get O2 to bring my upgrade forward & opted for the Torch. This is my first BB & I am so glad that I decided to change. It literally does everything. It is a good looking handset, packed full of features & NO RESTRICTIONS as to what you can do (unlike the iPhone! ).

Battery life is good, but be sensible with what apps are left running as this will obviously impact battery life, as with all phones.

As with all BB, this syncs perfectly with iTunes & transfer of data is not a problem. It comes with a slide out keyboard which is useful for long text, email's but the touchscreen does just fine, very responsive & very easy to use.

If you want to break away from the iPhone crowd, I highly recommend the BB Torch

  • xxx2

xxx, 03 Mar 2011this phone is beautiful nice

  • moni

super hopeless phone by bb,very expensive,not handy,i am very disappointed

  • Tina

I've got bold 9700 and iphone 3gs, thinking of trading them in for this torch, can you sync itunes with the torch? and am i worth going for it or should i just stick with what I got. too many choices with smart phones! Someone help me decide!! PLEASE!!

  • Anonymous

The Hand, 01 Mar 2011This phone is a dog. It's difficult to use, ugly, bulky, illogic... moreYou have a defective phone, a defective operator and probably both


very nice one bt cant afford it

  • Saurabh

Sad it doesn't have a Accelometer sensor...

  • jack

when on call waiting .. screen of bb remains off .. how to turn it on so that i can see who is on call waiting:(

  • xxx

this phone is beautiful

  • Anonymous

Please help me.I receive the message not complete.if the message be more than i.e. 5 lines I do not receive the message complete and at the end of line 5 of message I see this sentence[receiving text].what shall I do?

  • AnonD-2906

I own one and I love even though I don't always use BIS. I still enjoy some of the apps.... And I'm 11 so I don't know if the older crownd would enjoy it. I was going to get a white one but I decided to get the black beacuse my old blackberry wad the curve 8520 in white.. If I we're you I would get a white one if you had a black one before.. Over all it's the best phone I ever had!

  • Anonymous

thinking about switching from iphone, only thing is this doesnt have an ipod. Does the battery drain quickly if u put music on a memory card and use the torch?

  • ashot1473

no video call!?!???? why???

  • Anonymous

hi, 27 Feb 2011i m not able to set up my email any ideas?????????you should have set up options if your trying to add an email to your phone.

  • Anonymous

love this phone!! :) the best. soo good and smooth