BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

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  • AnonD-102477

only android need quad core...other os only need dual core processor to be equally smooth with a quad core android device

  • AnonD-71308

It's 1.5ghz and I think it uses S4 plus chip.

  • Dee

Another fail product from Blackberry! The company is in the state of bankruptcy and they keep making the phone this way,
Good luck!

  • PhoneChecker

Battery seems at low power supply... why BB not using 2+++ mAh battery??? BB always produce phone that force users to keep charging the phone... so bored

  • Anonymous

I never considered blackberry a smart phone, the OS looked like something that predated symbian. Not to mention their hardware is crap and its overpriced. This isn't go to help them at all. Apart from the screen (which in Q1 2013 will be the norm) theres nothing special about this. GG Blackberry, RIP

  • jix

nice but too much bezels, yes screen could be larger for the size. lets wait and see the thickness of the device...

  • Bob

Hope there's an equivalent of Google Now. Hope that 1 ghz is a mistake. Have read elsewhere that the phone is 1.5. It's a pity that the screen is not bigger for the same size of body. Perhaps that will be the case with the Aristo.

  • AnonD-95233

it was better if the screen was larger without angels

  • relax

if the screen was larger up to the angels was better

  • Fox

Q3 2013 ? are you kidding me?
sim yes??? hehehehe
cpu is 1.5 not 1GHz

  • Mad Max

Come on! Only dual core when others have quad core. This is not hard core.

  • max

It's 2013 and RIM makes phones with specs from 2010.That's the way to go RIM.You will probably bankrupt faster than you think.