BLU to roll out new update to fix 'permanently locked devices' issue caused by previous one

Himanshu, 05 December 2017

BLU recently pushed out an update to its Life One X2 smartphones that effectively resulted in units getting bricked. Specifically, the update process asked for a password to unlock/login, but users said the password they entered was being rejected.

Now, the Miami-based company has confirmed that they have fixed the issue.

A new software update will be rolled out containing the fix. Sadly, there are no details on exactly what caused the problem, but what really matters at this moment is to give back users access to their devices, and that's what the company claims the latest update does.

Have you got this new update? Did it resolve the issue? Let us know in comments below.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

if they survive after this fiasco, I will buy one phone just to have it as a souvenir :)

  • Anonymous

hahhahaaaa.... what a joke company! BLU is doomed!

  • Kangal

" Whosoever holds this nokia, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor ".

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