BLU Studio 5.0 C HD

BLU Studio 5.0 C HD

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  • Lefty

Jae bae, 17 May 2016How can i set 3g in my blu studio 5.0 c HD?There are two versions of this phone and they depending on the model, may not be able to receive 3g in certain regions. One supports 3g in south America, but not in Asia, etc

  • david

My blu studio 5.0 battery drain completely and it does not charge, what is the solution not to have to change battery.

  • AnonD-539227

I was wondering how do I keep the light on when making a call as soon as I dial the number the screen goes black

  • Jae bae

How can i set 3g in my blu studio 5.0 c HD?

  • Darkie

Here what i bought a new phn today the tried to put wataspp and face book on the phn the battery started to say over heating went back and change the battery saying the same thing call the dealer had to reset the phn and charge it without any sim or without any upload on the phn so my ? Is why are u making a phn that cannot take any apps on it only the one it comes with

  • Dee

BAt, 20 Mar 2016you will just have to click on the telephone icon and you wll se... more Thank you..have removed missed call icon...

  • BAt

ako, 01 Sep 2015Does this phone have a mobile hotspot? Yes it has. go to connection settings

  • BAt

piya, 05 Dec 2015I have a blu 5C HD phone and I love my phone but I have a proble... moreYou will have to disable the messaging app and use the hangouts app as the default messaging app of the phone.

  • BAt

Dee, 18 Mar 2016this is a question.How do you delete a missed call on main scree... moreyou will just have to click on the telephone icon and you wll see a 1 new missed call. click on that and it will route on the missed calls page. and click on home button.

  • Dee

this is a question.How do you delete a missed call on main screen when their is a number 1 by the phone cradle icon? thank you

  • Johnjet

I have a blu 5.0 CHD my phone will no longer charge while it is on this was not a problem until recently did nothing different to the phone thought it may be a battery problem bought a new battery that did not fix it still won't charge why the phone is on I even got a new cord and plug that didn't work either is there something in the settings maybe can someone help me please

  • Anonymous

AnonD-508095, 28 Feb 2016i can only charge my phone when it's shut off why?Looks like a battery or a dock problem you would need to replace one of them

  • AnonD-508095

i can only charge my phone when it's shut off why?

  • need assistance

drop my blu studio 5.0 c HD in the toilet, the phone turns off, turned back on after drying it, and came back on, but now turns on with no image at all, what shout I do?

  • mrmynx

fsam, 09 Jul 2015i cant access the 3g network set up properly for your carrier,­05_14_chatr_apn_settings_for_blu_studio_5.0_c_hd­.php#alt-conf

  • PBG

My Blu works just fine,has a good camera compare to the Samsung Smartphones

  • jen

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2015What brand is the Blu Studio 5.0 C anyone?BLU is the name of the brand

  • me

when I get on snapchat it won't let me send them because the home button is in the way , how do I make it go away while on snapchat ??

  • Anonymous

G Larry, 26 Jun 2015Yes it does (probably late info)...I have one and am using it on CCHow did you get it to mobile web? Mine won't mobile, but work fine on WiFi????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2015What is this green led light at the top of the phone? It just c... moreMine is only on when on cable