Brand new Pixel 2 XL for Verizon is now just $399.99

Vlad, 22 March 2019

Google may not have launched its mid-range Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL yet, but if you want a Google smartphone that's priced like a mid-ranger there's no need to wait for those. Right now, Best Buy is offering Verizon's Pixel 2 XL for just $399.99, no contract or activation required.

That's $450 off the phone's initial price when it launched back in 2017, and a very good deal considering what you're getting for the price of an iPhone SE, basically. Also, if you hate the Pixel 3 XL's huge notch, but like big Google phones, the 2 XL is definitely the one for you.

Now this is technically the Verizon version of the Pixel 2 XL, but it should work on all carriers. However, there's a chance you will have to activate it on Verizon first before you can jump to another network, so if your carrier isn't Big Red you might want to try and confirm this with Best Buy, just so you don't get any nasty surprises once the phone is in your hands.



Reader comments

Mi9 cost 430 with SD855 latest android latest technologies and supporting 5G, this have SD835 and is too old. Maybe 150 bucks could be fair price.

  • Anonymous

i am assuming since you all mentioned one plus and chinese brands you have not owned a pixel 2 XL. Quality control issues?it was all blown out of proportion, unless you get one of the very first early ones, there are no quality control issues, i got...

That is true, Pixel's only appeal is that Camera+software combination but now with Gcam ports several non Pixel phones, Oneplus can get quite close to Pixel like results without having Google's phones paying an arm and a leg.

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