Canalys: China smartphone shipments declined by 17% in Q2, vivo in the lead

Michail, 29 July 2021

According to the latest report from Canalys, smartphone shipments in China totaled 74.9 million units for the April-June period. The number represents a 17% decline compared to the 90.7 million shipments during the same period last year. Another big takeaway is that Huawei is no longer among the top five largest brands in its local market.

Leading the way is vivo which managed 18.2 million shipments and a 24% market share. Oppo comes in second with 16 million shipments and 21% of the market while Xiaomi with its 12.6 million shipments and 17% market share rounds out the top three.

Company Q2 2021 Shipments
(in million)
Q2 2021
Market share
Q2 2020 Shipments
(in million)
Q2 2020
Market share
Yearly change
vivo 18.2 24% 14.8 16% +23%
Oppo 16.0 21% 14.5 16% +10%
Xiaomi 12.6 17% 9.3 10% +35%
Apple 7.9 10% 7.7 9% +2%
Honor 6.9 9% 12.8 14% -46%
Others 13.3 18% 31.5 45% -58%
Total 74.9 100% 90.7 100% -17%

Apple stands at the number four spot with 7.9 million shipments for the period which corresponds to a 10% market share. Honor is the fifth leading brand with 6.9 million shipments and a 9% market share. Xiaomi is the largest grower out of the bunch with an annual growth of 35% while Honor was on the opposite end as its shipments decreased by 46%.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Aug 2021
  • 60E

Putting your world's smallest period only made you sound pathetic. Got what? Deserved what? That's meaningless. Anyone can say that to anything. Huawei now got more expansive, complete from all smart devices to software and chip manufacturi...

  • Anonymous
  • 30 Jul 2021
  • K5R

Just a reminder 40% of those engineer in ASML were Chinese The Chinese really know engineering Furthermore, There were more and more western expat in China. Lots of US company now also registering patent through other country so they ...

  • Anonymous
  • 30 Jul 2021
  • 8su

No you cannot rip (or RIP) Huawei. You must have been RIPing all along. Huawei didn't release major smartphones in Q2 other than very expensive Mate X2, which sold well. Besides unlike most other smartphone brands, Huawei isn't just a smart...

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