Case maker shows off LG V30's backside

Peter, 17 July 2017

Getting a second source on information is always nice, so here’s another look at the LG V30 after the CAD-based 3D renders from last week. These come courtesy of case-maker Ringke by way of MobileFun.

The accessory retailer says that both its US and UK sites already host the V30 cases – that’s right, the new V-series flagship is actually coming to Europe this time around! It will bring an OLED display, wireless charging and, of course, a dual camera.

LG V30 cases: A trio of clear cases LG V30 cases: Fusion Case (Clear) LG V30 cases: Onyx Tough Case (Black)
LG V30 cases: A trio of clear cases • Fusion Case (Clear) • Onyx Tough Case (Black)

The clear case in particular shows it off well – two horizontal lenses (nearly flush with the back), an LED flash and the Laser autofocus module. Below that is the fingerprint reader, as usual. We expect official images – and the phone itself – to be unveiled on August 31 at IFA.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!



Reader comments

  • AnonD-632062

LG is coming out all guns blazing with the V30 against the Note8. It's going to be an exciting fall, that's for sure!

  • AnonD-647900

Didn't you read the article it said it's coming to Europe, and don't bet on there being a second screen because of OLED.

  • dan

SD 820 is very fast on my MI5 with LineageOS, should work for most. But different companies have different bloatware, Lineage has none, so experience might vary a lot because of that. In my case, Lineage is much faster than original MIUI, which itsel...

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