Cat B35

Cat B35

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2019is this compatible with whatsapp?Yes

  • Anonymous

is this compatible with whatsapp?

  • Anonymous

Ali Al Mashaikhi, 27 Jun 2019This mobile for fool and losersShould suit you fine then.

  • theodore

This phone is perfect

  • Anonymous

Very poor phone. Can't send group texts. Complicates anything that should be straightforward

This mobile for fool and losers

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2019why make a phone where you can't replace the battery???????... moreso it can have an IP rating...

  • Anonymous

why make a phone where you can't replace the battery???????????????

  • Anonymous

Can a app be installed in this device? Or os there a chess app in kaios where i can play online? I hope theres stockfish, droidfish or any other apps in kaios.

  • Anonymous

Excited to have this.

  • Anonymous

This completely sold out everywhere online. Wanted a rugged kiaos device too. I want a phone I can hammer a nail with. So far, the only one.

  • Djole

You have a mistake in specifications, micro sd up to 32 gb, in your specifications is up to 128gb.Best rewards.

  • Anonymous

i can barely hear what people tell me, also the rear speaker's sound sometimes dimmers or gets parasites or both and i've had the phone for almost 2 months.

  • Bob

kolumb, 05 Apr 2019Does this phone support tethering (wifi, BT or USB) to shar... moreyeah you can set it up as a mobile hotspot

  • kolumb

Does this phone support tethering (wifi, BT or USB) to share the mobile data ?

Mirek, 16 Mar 2019Please, has this phone possibility to connect to PC (Window... moreI can't find this phone limits capacity for contacts. I am using Manjaro linux to connect to its storage, so I believe you can do the same in Windows. In Kai Store, there is an todo app, I am using it just fine. Hope it helps.

  • Mirek

Tri Pham, 03 Mar 2019The phone looks nice, strong and sturdy on my hand, feel li... morePlease, has this phone possibility to connect to PC (Windows 10) via USB cable?
And what is capacity and structure of contacts? 500?
And has it a possibility to make todo list?
Thank you very much.

nobody, 07 Feb 2019Use it for 3 months. Big but light unit, feels like holding... moreDoes KaiOS offer Java ME support?

The phone looks nice, strong and sturdy on my hand, feel like an undestructable handset. Reception is perfect, I got four bars of 4G network same as the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. The calling sound is crystal clear and loud, also love the rear speaker producing good music even it doesn't have bass. Battery life is extremely good, it still have 40% after 3 days of usage, I made a numbers of phone calls, texting, web surfing and even watched youtube. I don't have any complaints about its hardware.
The back side in fact comes from KAI OS as the operating system is not mature at this stage. MP3 player is a huge disadvantage as it nevers ending scanning the sd card for music files, even turning itself off before the process is completed, you cannot create a custom playlist by the way. KAI Store has apps but don't expect too many, it only takes me about 20 second to surf the whole store. The settings is straightforward but its font rendering can be improved, it is too white and bright once highlighted. Web browser can't compete with Opera mini in speed and convenience, I wish Opera mini is available in store soon enough. Overall, I am happy with Cat B35, will get patient for Kai to mature then I will have a perfect smart feature phone.

  • nobody

Use it for 3 months. Big but light unit, feels like holding a toy. the uild quality is so so.

Yes, KaiOS in this phone offer us Google Map, YouTube, Store and other fancy stuff. unfortunately, some how it fail to meet basic feature phone need - Easiness to search phone book and easiness to write text.

You can't find contact with 2 words by searching thru the second word. in this case, so if you save your contact by 1st name and last name, you'll not find them if you search them by their last name.

There's significant time delay when you press the button until it react. not too long, but you can feel it.

Since I also use Nokia E52, I can say the performance of E52 is much better than this phone.

I would like to give 6/10 for this phone, and considering the price, 5/10 will be fair enough.