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  • 08 Jun 2022

Karolis Gylys, 06 Jun 20221. when i fully plug in my headphones on boath wire sides i... moreHi
I have the Cat S52 since February 2020,and like you i havea ghost touch issue,which i have a replacement.But if you are under warranty you must contact your retailer or write an email to Cat support.After a replacement,very rare a have a ghost touch,but i have solved,trying to not optimised Quickstep app(also turn off access to notification) and UI system app,and now seems it's stabel.About lagging,i did not have issue because 4GB of Ram are enough for me,and the wifi works great and did not disconnect by itself on my S52.Again,if you are under warranty,you have a right to get a replacement.Thank you.

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    • Karolis Gylys
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    • 06 Jun 2022

    1. when i fully plug in my headphones on boath wire sides it still doesnt work
    2. screen randomly reacts when i dont even touch my phone
    3. very lagy
    4. randomly disconects from working wi-fi and somtimes after that connects to no diapazone wi-fi

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      • 13 Apr 2022

      Tee2, 10 Apr 2022Hi I sent in for repairs came back looking all new but I do... moreHi.Again,if you are under warranty you must ask to Cat support to solve the issue.If they gave a new Cat S52,but the problem still exist,again,you must write an email to them.

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        • Tee2
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        • 10 Apr 2022

        BB-fan, 09 Jan 2022Hi.Same as you i have ghost touch on Cat S52,and it's ... moreHi I sent in for repairs came back looking all new but I doubt I doubt it's new cause 2nd day it came back gave same problem where now my volume down button doesn't work at all.

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          • Tee2
          • fwq
          • 10 Apr 2022

          Hi I also had an issue with ghost touching.
          Was less than a year since I bought the phone took it back they fixed it but now again another problem with down volume bottom not working.wjen phone goes off it goes into reboot mode

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            • Albertini
            • sFt
            • 25 Mar 2022

            Ghost typing, clunky user interface and only 1 year of software upgrades....

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              • 10 Feb 2022

              BB-fan, 09 Jan 2022Hi.Same as you i have ghost touch on Cat S52,and it's ... moreGhost typing! So that's what it's called. I've done all kind of (virus)checks and restarted to factory settings but this annoying issue still is bugging me. In touch with Cat support now so hopefully they'll be able to fix it.
              Good to read I'm not the only one who experienced this, though a bit daunting in terms of the fix. Ah well .

              Other than that:. Had the phone since nov20 and I LOVE it. It's the first time since my first cellphone in 97 that I've been able to keep a phone scratchless and with an intact screen for more than a week... Despite repeated drops due to my clumsiness. And I really like not needing an extra cover for it too. In terms of performance I'm not one to expect nor need flagship quality, it matches my demands.

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                • 09 Jan 2022

                Tee2, 27 Dec 2021Hi I'm also experiencing the same thing ghost typing. ... moreHi.Same as you i have ghost touch on Cat S52,and it's a production issue.But i have a replacement from Cat,with a new one.So,if you are under warranty,ask to your retailer for your issue or send an email to Cat support.Thank you.

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                  • 27 Dec 2021

                  Tonyiceman, 07 Jul 2021I'm had s52 now for about 30 months. The microphone fa... moreHi I'm also experiencing the same thing ghost typing. Did you manage to fix yours if yes how??

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                    • Anonymous
                    • T6E
                    • 29 Nov 2021

                    Scratched/chipped screen the first day at work, kept it in my pocket in a wallet case all day. Took it out and it was chipped and cracked so now I have to go through the hassle of of contacting cat support. Construction phone that broke the first day on the job without taking it out of my pocket........this phone is cold trash

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                      • Jeff
                      • Ikg
                      • 09 Oct 2021

                      I have no idea what other people are doing to their S52, but I've had mine for about a year and its great. I've dropped it several times, the case has the ding marks to prove it, but I have never had a single issue with it. The biggest disappointment is that it doesn't look like its getting Android 11. So much for wireless Android Auto, but I'm more disappointed in the enforced Google integration of Android than anything related to the S52.

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                        • 25 Aug 2021

                        For the first months, it was good. The camera is good only for most basic tasks. As i've seen, it is completely water/dust/ proof, even in garage, where WD40 and other chemicals sometimes contact the phone it's all good. The rubberized backing first layer is peeling off in spots from dirty hands use etc. The touchscreen is ok most of the time, but i have encountered a very annoying problem of ghost touching that can be 'fixed' temporarily when on\off phone screen. Included screen protector is bad plastic wrap. Obviously from hard use of phone in my case, its very beat up, but it goes normally. Altough for the price would not recommend buying this if you want rugged - instead buy a normal waterproof phone (which most phones are nowdays) with good screen protector and thicker case if you worry so much.

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                          • Sbu
                          • Nn8
                          • 16 Jul 2021

                          Two reasons this phone is so expensive ,1 Gorilla 6 glass protection, 2 ip 68 water proof, rather than that nothing special about this phone i think is expensive because of brand CAT.

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                            • BB-fan
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                            • 15 Jul 2021

                            Sebbunza, 13 Jul 2021I want it in UgandaHi.If you like the Cat S52 device,you must search in different carrier and retailer in your country/region.Otherwise gon on Amazon or Ebay,to buy a new one.Thank you.

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                              • Sebbunza
                              • fuf
                              • 13 Jul 2021

                              I want it in Uganda

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                                • Tonyiceman
                                • mxt
                                • 07 Jul 2021

                                I'm had s52 now for about 30 months. The microphone failed after 6 months, had it repaired under warranty but the repair was so bad I had it replaced for a new one. Now the screen is ghost typing and the only way to stop it is locking it. The s52 is not durable or robust, if you get it wet, speaker won't work. It's a premium priced phone which doesn't live up to advertising. Samsung next I thinks

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                                  • Laab
                                  • pvC
                                  • 05 Jul 2021

                                  Best investment to date!
                                  Cat S52 has given me stability and a durable phone.
                                  I am very clumsy and have dropped and knocked the phone multiple times with no issues. I like it because it looks like a regular smartphone but can withstand much more.
                                  I have tried many phones and cases and this is the perfect combination of sleek smartphone with shockproof value.
                                  It should be noted that with any phone designed this durable there will be limited features, the camera is not a selling point, nor the speed. Regardless, a great shockproof and waterproof phone. Highly rate to those wanting lasting value.

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                                    • 04 Jul 2021

                                    VM76, 01 Jul 2021This is the worst phone I have ever owned in my entire life... moreHi sir.The Cat S52,is one of the best device produced from Bullit.Sure,no one is exept from different issue.I have the S52 model since March 2020,and as you i have a ghost touch.i have received a new S52,and the phone works perfectly.If you are into warranty,write an email to your retailer,or contact Cat support,for the issue that you have.Thank you.

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                                      • VM76
                                      • Nwn
                                      • 01 Jul 2021

                                      This is the worst phone I have ever owned in my entire life, a Nokia 2210 was more rugged than this disaster. 6 months in and the screen starts ghost touching for no apparent reason. Never dropped it, not even a scratch on the phone. 8 months in and the speaker is bust. The fingerprint reader/sensor only works when it feels like it. For the price you pay, I really expected something far better in terms of hardware quality compared to Samsung, but this phone is a piece of junk. I wouldn't even take another one for free. Back to Samsung I guess.

                                        Alex, 25 May 2021This phone is terrible. And already has a bizarre bend in i... moreWhat? You actually bought the phone? I'm pretty sure that the only people who have this phone are construction workers who got it for free from their company.

                                        If you're not a construction worker or someone doing some manual labor job, then why in the world did you buy this phone??? It's like buying a Tesla and expecting it to perform like a race car.

                                        Your fault for buying a product that was never meant for you.