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  • Sunny
  • CMk
  • 26 Jan 2024

jemafe, 15 Nov 2023The worst phone I have ever had. In 2 and a half years I ha... moreHi,
I had same problem,I install Custom status bar,this is the only way to fix this problem.

    The worst phone I have ever had. In 2 and a half years I have had two new phones replaced under warranty because they were malfunctioning.
    The list of problems is long, but the worst of all is the touch ghosting that I have had on all the S52s.
    The camera stopped working at times or looked blurry many times.
    The 3.5 jack said it was wet when it was dry, and other failures that are difficult to justify in a phone of this category and price.
    It is supposed to be a rugged phone, but it has lasted much less than my previous €120 Xiaomi, giving it the same use. (The hardest conditions I expose the phone is carrying it inside a bag while cycling or running through mountain).
    This phone even has a rare serious fault. I tell you:
    I live about 800 meters above sea level. When I have gone to sea level the speaker has always malfunctioned for a few hours (like metallic sound). And when I returned home it contiuned working well.
    The only explanation I can suppose is the change in atmospheric pressure but, come on!!!, it's a rugged phone. How can he be so sensitive?
    At the end my last S52 died without warning and now that warranty is over, I have changed my phone.
    These phones still need a very very very necessary maturation . I don't know if the responsibility belongs to Caterpillar or Bullitt, but they have work to do. More work considering the price they want to sell them.
    For half the price of the S52, I have a Samsung XCover that is also rugged and works normally. I just need a phone that works in a normal way.

    Thanks for reading

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      • Catboy
      • nBA
      • 30 Jun 2023

      Hi guys, i'm here again.
      I tried to fix the ghost-touch problem as "bb" told me, but it was useless.
      Unfortunately i wasted my money on this product, and i'll probably never buy something from CAT, again in my life.
      Such a waste of time and money.

        The phone is garbagge , mine cat s52 was at the service 3 times in first two months of use. I did nothing that could damage it that way and the first time they say at service that they changed mainboard? WTF two months old phone.Second time it was in service because I could not answer phone call because it has a sighn on screen that bluetooth headphones are connected and they were not connected. Third time at service was because of faulty camera which was not working and when try to use it It gave me app stop error.So I pay a lot for a brick that I even did not use. Every time when it went to service 14 days without phone. So after sending it third time to service I say it is enouhg of sh*t. It is not worth the price which it has. I am very dissapointed with this phone. And for sure will never buy anything from Cat brand.

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          • EndOfCAT
          • 3Rj
          • 04 Jan 2023

          After 2 years and 1 month the phone officialy is dead and have no option to repair under warranty. The phone is BAD, don't buy it. The "waterproofing" rating is nothing after few months of use, phone frame is bent, ghost touching, and finally the screen died completely. Unable to turn on, switches after a few minutes. GPS/GSM reception is bad, compared to even my old button phone. G4 internet is also very bad for this. Other phones even the cheapest has no problem with it. Just keep away from CAT phones, it is a gimmick. If you want rugged phone, buy a waterproof phone and just slap a big case on there. If you want the phone with thermal caamera etc, it is also a gimmick, because professionals use sstandalone cameras, not some halfassed smarphone. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

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            • Tee
            • rvj
            • 10 Dec 2022

            lotech, 25 Nov 2022I finally found someone has the ghost touch problem with th... moreAs i type this my CAT S52 is in for repairs again for the second time with the same problem ghost touching and overheating. The last time they fixed it didnt even last for two months and was already doing the same thing

              Rai, 22 Jul 2022Have had the phone for two years now. Really love the build... moreI finally found someone has the ghost touch problem with the CAT S52 and the 'fix' to it ! I got mine repaired twice and replaced twice, first the ghost touch seems to have fixed, but then there is a horizontal line on the display, the replacement phone worked for couple months but then the ghost touch came again ! although it is less serious but still troubling, this is really disappointing a rigid phone act like that. I was thinking of getting the Nokia XR20, but hated the non customizable google assistance button, I like the overall handling of the CAT, and will give it one more try to get the S62, I believe the ghost touch should be fixed after 2 generations.

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                • Anonymous
                • Nsy
                • 16 Nov 2022

                Can the S52 work with a thermal app

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                  • BB-fan
                  • 0TI
                  • 10 Nov 2022

                  Catboy, 09 Nov 2022Hi, thanks for your reply, just a question, how do i get ri... moreHi.If you have installed another launcher,you should go on the setting to make you new launcher as your main UI.Here you should do :Go on app and notification/select default app,and the fourth in the list is UI launcher app.Click on that and select you prefer launcher thay you installed.

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                    • Catboy
                    • BRu
                    • 09 Nov 2022

                    BB-fan, 08 Nov 2022Hi.As you i have the Cat S52,and also has ghost touch issue... moreHi, thanks for your reply, just a question, how do i get rid of the "ui stuff"? i'm actually downloading another launcher to try.
                    Thanks again for your help

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                      • BB-fan
                      • 0TI
                      • 08 Nov 2022

                      CatBoy, 07 Nov 2022I've got the same problem, ghost touch, i've trie... moreHi.As you i have the Cat S52,and also has ghost touch issue,which also i have find the solution.You must get out of optimisation the UI system and quickstep app,and see if the issue still exist.Thank you.

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                        • CatBoy
                        • BRu
                        • 07 Nov 2022

                        I've got the same problem, ghost touch, i've tried everything in order to fix it, even external apps.
                        Nothing seems to fix it. i'll probably never buy again this brand, as, this is not the first time, even with a cat s60 i had different problems.
                        Can someone help me out somehow?

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                          • deadsmurf
                          • 0mX
                          • 04 Aug 2022

                          I've had my s52 for over 2years, and today was the first time I had to take it in for repairs, and mostly because of "friendly fire". My phone has "flight hours" not talking hours. You can imagine the abuse it takes. All corners are reshaped, the plastic on the back has peels, the glass has a small surface hole. Still works like originally advertised.
                          The back's casing glue split open over the last 5-6months, starting from one corner and gradually getting bigger. So my partner decided to glue it on his own and split it open all the way - bye bye fingerprint reader and a ton of tiny screws. So for the first time, even though it was still working I had to leave in the shop today.
                          I've also had the ghost typing issue, but I do not consider it as such a big problem - it is rare and goes away after lock/unlock.
                          In conclusion I can only reccomend S52 as durable and proper smartphone.

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                            • Rai
                            • nUv
                            • 22 Jul 2022

                            Have had the phone for two years now. Really love the build and UI but hate the durability.
                            In my case it's pretty much so that if one comes from repair then the other one goes to repair shop (Mostly because the ghost touch issue)
                            The ghost touch issue is caused by the faulty screen connector which after replacing goes bad even if the phone is dropped from knee height, so basically the phone is not what they advertise in terms of durability- it can't withstand either dropping or water (audio jack starts acting out in case it gets any water inside)

                            For anybody struggling with the ghost touch- after years of practice I can recommend that it can be temporarily fixed by locking the screen and lightly tapping the phone against the table with the left upper corner. I guess that somewhat temporarily restores the faulty connection and gets rid of the problem sometimes even for days.

                            Having had 7 screen connector repairs between two phones over just shy of two years I can't see even a hint of durability in these devices so in terms of durability I personally would advise everybody to pass this model.

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                              • BB-fan
                              • 8vR
                              • 17 Jul 2022

                              Thisphoneiscrap, 17 Jul 2022This phone is total crap, i want two years of my life back,... moreHi.The phone is not crap.I have the S52 for more than 2 years,and i could say that is a great device.It has good reception,great battery life,around 1.5 days,and great build quality.About ghost typing,yes,i have,but is a software issue which i solve to not optimised the user interface and quickstep app.Also you must disable the phone notification that you don't need,and after that the issue is solved.If you are under warranty contact Cat support to have a replacement,if the phone has several issues.Thank you.

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                                • Thisphoneiscrap
                                • ptP
                                • 17 Jul 2022

                                This phone is total crap, i want two years of my life back, ghost typing, shitty network reception, shitty cameras and the jack output/input can't protect this piece of junk from.water leakages, don't buy it absolutely, worst buy in my whole life

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                                  • BB-fan
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                                  • 08 Jun 2022

                                  Karolis Gylys, 06 Jun 20221. when i fully plug in my headphones on boath wire sides i... moreHi
                                  I have the Cat S52 since February 2020,and like you i havea ghost touch issue,which i have a replacement.But if you are under warranty you must contact your retailer or write an email to Cat support.After a replacement,very rare a have a ghost touch,but i have solved,trying to not optimised Quickstep app(also turn off access to notification) and UI system app,and now seems it's stabel.About lagging,i did not have issue because 4GB of Ram are enough for me,and the wifi works great and did not disconnect by itself on my S52.Again,if you are under warranty,you have a right to get a replacement.Thank you.

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                                    • Karolis Gylys
                                    • 0xP
                                    • 06 Jun 2022

                                    1. when i fully plug in my headphones on boath wire sides it still doesnt work
                                    2. screen randomly reacts when i dont even touch my phone
                                    3. very lagy
                                    4. randomly disconects from working wi-fi and somtimes after that connects to no diapazone wi-fi

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                                      • BB-fan
                                      • 8vR
                                      • 13 Apr 2022

                                      Tee2, 10 Apr 2022Hi I sent in for repairs came back looking all new but I do... moreHi.Again,if you are under warranty you must ask to Cat support to solve the issue.If they gave a new Cat S52,but the problem still exist,again,you must write an email to them.

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                                        • Tee2
                                        • fwq
                                        • 10 Apr 2022

                                        BB-fan, 09 Jan 2022Hi.Same as you i have ghost touch on Cat S52,and it's ... moreHi I sent in for repairs came back looking all new but I doubt I doubt it's new cause 2nd day it came back gave same problem where now my volume down button doesn't work at all.