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  • 05 Jul 2021

Best investment to date!
Cat S52 has given me stability and a durable phone.
I am very clumsy and have dropped and knocked the phone multiple times with no issues. I like it because it looks like a regular smartphone but can withstand much more.
I have tried many phones and cases and this is the perfect combination of sleek smartphone with shockproof value.
It should be noted that with any phone designed this durable there will be limited features, the camera is not a selling point, nor the speed. Regardless, a great shockproof and waterproof phone. Highly rate to those wanting lasting value.

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    • 04 Jul 2021

    VM76, 01 Jul 2021This is the worst phone I have ever owned in my entire life... moreHi sir.The Cat S52,is one of the best device produced from Bullit.Sure,no one is exept from different issue.I have the S52 model since March 2020,and as you i have a ghost touch.i have received a new S52,and the phone works perfectly.If you are into warranty,write an email to your retailer,or contact Cat support,for the issue that you have.Thank you.

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      • VM76
      • Nwn
      • 01 Jul 2021

      This is the worst phone I have ever owned in my entire life, a Nokia 2210 was more rugged than this disaster. 6 months in and the screen starts ghost touching for no apparent reason. Never dropped it, not even a scratch on the phone. 8 months in and the speaker is bust. The fingerprint reader/sensor only works when it feels like it. For the price you pay, I really expected something far better in terms of hardware quality compared to Samsung, but this phone is a piece of junk. I wouldn't even take another one for free. Back to Samsung I guess.

        Alex, 25 May 2021This phone is terrible. And already has a bizarre bend in i... moreWhat? You actually bought the phone? I'm pretty sure that the only people who have this phone are construction workers who got it for free from their company.

        If you're not a construction worker or someone doing some manual labor job, then why in the world did you buy this phone??? It's like buying a Tesla and expecting it to perform like a race car.

        Your fault for buying a product that was never meant for you.

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          • 25 May 2021

          Alex, 25 May 2021This phone is terrible. And already has a bizarre bend in i... moreHi.The Cat S52, is not a terrible phone.I have the phone from 1.5 year now,and it's great.Battery last 1.5 days with normal use,screen is very strong,gorila glass 6,and i have dropped,and nothing happen.The device is not bulky,because this is the thinnest,slikest and pocket friendly phone,that Bullit ever made.Please stop writing bad words,because this is the page for Cat fans and user.

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            • Alex
            • 7st
            • 25 May 2021

            This phone is terrible. And already has a bizarre bend in it from being dropped, the cover for the SD in the SIM card is flopping out, the screen already has little scratches in it.

            Whenever I speak on the phone people can't hear me they can hear me perfectly on my other phone.

            Can't edit photos because it's linked into some Google service that you have to pay for. In fact most of the services on this phone require that you'd be a LinkedIn to Google or simply can't use the phone at all.

            The battery life is pretty paltry if you leave the internet on,

            Often when you are typing the phone just freezes and you can type as much as a paragraph and it doesn't actually compute the screen for 5 seconds to several minutes.

            The phone is unnecessarily big and bulky.

            though to be fair battery lasts ages if you turn internet off.
            The phone can sustain getting wet.
            The voice to text is decent.

            This phone at most is worth maybe $120 to $180 not the $500 to 600 that it's advertised for. I will never buy another Google phone and I will never buy another phone through CAT because I have been extremely disappointed.

              Well ever other knob head and bimbo is desperate for an iPhone I just wanted something mid tier that didn't break, hence the s52.

              So far it's kind of big and bulky but I have to say the battery life is incredible. The camera is good. Touch responsiveness is really good. Seems to be ok with rough and tumble.

              However had the thing barely a week and there is already a nasty dint right IN the MIDDLE of the screen.
              I have even thrown a tantrum and smashed into the ground as hard as I can yet.

              It's also annoying litterally everything seems to be hooked into Google. I'm kind of creeped out Google probably has access to my private photos and notes.

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                • 13 Oct 2020

                Lukka, 05 Mar 2020Don‘t trust the videos! The Cat S52 does not take water ea... morewater resistant vs waterproof the phone is not waterproof no phones are just because you saw a add why on earth would you put a phone in the pool duhh

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                  • Bob
                  • mHa
                  • 01 Sep 2020

                  Archy96, 31 Aug 2020If you want a reliable rugged smartphone, never buy this cr... moreApparently you don't own one as most of what you state is a big pile of you know what..

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                    • Archy96
                    • mcB
                    • 31 Aug 2020

                    If you want a reliable rugged smartphone, never buy this crap. I mean it, seriously.
                    1) This phone is NOT water resistant. Touchscreen is very difficult to operate in wet conditions. And if you drop it in to the water, it will start to live its own life unless all the slots are completely dry.
                    2) Hardware is also a piece of shit. Even under a little pressure you can easy bend a phone casing like a banana, it feels like it is made of plastic, not aluminium.
                    3) Also some software issues.
                    My verdict - CAT S52 is an overpriced budget phone,that pretend to be rugged, but actually is a cheap , low reliability crap.

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                      • 27 Aug 2020

                      Sinan , 26 Aug 2020Where can i buy this phone in Qatar? Can you advice me?i orderd it a couple of months ago from amazon to Kuwait, and it arrived in a week.

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                        • Sinan
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                        • 26 Aug 2020

                        Where can i buy this phone in Qatar? Can you advice me?

                          Just got this S52 and it's class - like a rugged version of an . Unlike some of their more exuberant phones, CAT/Bullitt have gone for a professional looking and feeling device where everything just works well, and in the first week I've used all the features and had no glitches or issues. The android experience is smooth as butter with a haptic motor and loudspeaker that will make the room shake! Features like the notification LED, night light and FM radio are touches of charm and class and bring more to the experience for me than an extra camera lens or fancy notched screen ever would. The hotspot seems powerful enough, the battery lasts well because of the 11nm processor and 720p display - I can't notice any blurriness. There is minimal battery drain when the phone is idle and it charges quickly. It's just a relief to have a phone that feels modern, reliable and like it won't break. They've done an amazing job with design, it's reassuringly chunky but is really beautiful with its curved metal edges and flush transitions - the photos don't do it justice. I personally prefer a top mounted headphone jack so I can hold my phone while I'm listening to music. It's good how the buttons are all on the right side so you can prop the phone on its other edge when using the cameras. I didn't expect to like a rear fingerprint sensor but that gives the finger somewhere to rest, and reduces the risk of dropping the phone even more. They've future proofed the hardware with Gorilla Glass 6 and 4GB RAM too. I hope the device holds up over time and I haven't jinxed this with such a positive review, but first impressions are really good and they do offer a decent warranty. I think they've prioritised all the right things to bring a quality rugged device at a reasonable price and I can't recommend this enough.

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                            • 19 Mar 2020

                            chuck, 02 Mar 2020it must be. look at that tiny battery. Hello sir.It's not a joke and the battery last at least 1.5 days,because the mediatek p35 processor is very efficent,and did not consume so much battery.I have the Cat S52 from 1 week now and i could tell that it's a great phone.Thank you.

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                              • Bob
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                              • 11 Mar 2020

                              Lukka, 05 Mar 2020Don‘t trust the videos! The Cat S52 does not take water ea... moreQuite normal a wet speaker wont work very well, so let it dry, problem solved..

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                                • 05 Mar 2020

                                Don‘t trust the videos! The Cat S52 does not take water easily.
                                I took my Cat S52 to the pool to take photos. I had wet hands, and water got splashed on it once (so immersed in water for maybe 1 second), but I of course held the phone above the water. I believed the description that the phone „can handle immersion in water to 1.5m depth for up to 35 minutes“ so I thought it would be fine to be in humid environment. Well the loudspeaker on the phone stopped functioning and didn‘t work for 12 hours. I couldn‘t make phonecalls (and of course not play music and such) because I couldn‘t hear the person on the other end. When I said to the seller (that specializes in rugged phones, and sold the phone personally to me) that this phone was faulty and I wanted a new one he said that this was normal, I should open the sim slot and let it dry well out, and then stay away from water. That nobody would replace the phone because of this. When I said „But what about it laying in the mud in the videos“ he bluntly said „It‘s salesmanship“.

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                                  • 02 Mar 2020

                                  chicken, 02 Feb 2020bro, is dis some type of joke??? 580 usd for a mediatek chi... moreit must be. look at that tiny battery.

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                                    • chicken
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                                    • 02 Feb 2020

                                    bro, is dis some type of joke??? 580 usd for a mediatek chipset WTFFFFF??

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                                      • 30 Jan 2020

                                      Cat S52 LED, 23 Dec 2019Hello, It is only me having an issue with the LED notifyi... moreI have the same issue and can't find where to set it up (if it is). Have you solved this?

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                                        • Cat S52 LED
                                        • phj
                                        • 23 Dec 2019

                                        It is only me having an issue with the LED notifying about the missed call? When I get a message, it is flashing blue, but it does not indicate the missed call.