Caviar's Samsung Galaxy Note9 has 1 kg of pure gold on its back

Yordan, 16 August 2018

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note9 on August 9 with a price tag of $999/€999 for the basic 128 GB variant. It arrived in four fancy colors and Gorilla Glass 5 protecting the back panel.

The luxury smartphone company Caviar that is based in Russia decided that price and looks are not flashy enough and launched the Galaxy Note9 with 1 kilogram of pure gold on the back. We’re not joking, just look at the images.

Caviar is not playing around Caviar is not playing around Caviar is not playing around
Caviar is not playing around

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 Fine Gold Edition retains its internals with Caviar choosing to focus on the looks only.

The Russian customization company also offers the Galaxy Note9 in variants with golden engraving, alligator leather, composite onyx in fancy shapes and forms, including a golden logo of the Russian Federation. While these cost around €3,000, they are dirt cheap, compared to the Fine Gold Edition.

It starts at RUB3,87 million or around $60,000/€50,000. No, we didn’t put some extra zeros, this is the actual price. And if you want the 512 GB variant, you must shed around $300/€250 more.

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Reader comments

  • gimm
  • 01 Oct 2018
  • tx4

bahahaha 1 kg phone in gold!! i'm sure everyone hand will tremble in less than 5 minute if they try holding this phone XD

Imagine carrying something that heawy in your pocket all the time... Better carry some sort of weapon in other pocket aswell since you might gonna need it if you’r having something that expensive with you all the time.

  • Anonymous
  • 20 Aug 2018
  • nys

Kilogram of gold is worth $40k. $20k for profit.

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