Check out the first Xiaomi Mi A2 camera sample

Yordan, 05 July 2018

Xiaomi introduced the Mi 6X in China and the phone is already available for purchase with its MIUI 9.5 and AI dual camera. Global fans, though, are still waiting for the Mi A2 with stock Android that will be on sale outside the company's homeland. Earlier we saw the About page of the phone and now a camera sample leaked on the Spanish section of the Mi forum, giving us a glimpse of its performance before its official launch.

Xiaomi Mi A2 camera sample - f/1.75, ISO 250, 1/452s
Click to enlarge the Xiaomi Mi A2 camera sample

The photo of the unknown landscape comes with 12 MP resolution in 4:3 ratio. It seems to be taken at the end of the day, when the sun has hidden behind the hills, so it's hardly the brightest light.

The colors of the picture seem really lively, although there is slight blue-ish tint, bringing a bit colder vibe to the scenery. The reflection of the sunlit clouds in the water is impressive, although there are slight hints of corner softness.

The fact that the photo is from the Xiaomi Mi A2 is listed in the EXIF and the poster is most likely from a beta tester from the Xiaomi Mi Explorer program.

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Reader comments

Well then, you NEED to spend $700-$800 or even more, and not expect it out of a $300 phone

  • Ratan dey

When launching MI A2

You NEED a good camera. You NEED constant and regular software and security updates. You NEED good customer service. You NEED good build quality, not just "good enough for the price" build quality.

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