Check out this Google Pixel VS iPhone7 performance test

Ricky, 20 October 2016

There’s no denying that the iPhone 7’s A10 fusion chip is quite a beast. Fellow YouTuber Super Saf made a comparison video of the Pixel going head to head against the iPhone 7 in two speed tests. The first one is a performance speed test, which shows us the benchmark results between the two devices and both devices’ abilities to load and recall apps onto the RAM.

The Pixel tends to load games slower than the iPhone 7. Otherwise, the Google phone is able to keep up with the iPhone 7 fairly well - less-intensive apps like calculator and browser, are right on par with the iPhone 7. Meanwhile, the camera does open a touch faster which is super important for those who don’t want to miss the shot because their phone decided to lag.

The second video is a fingerprint comparison test where the clear winner is the Pixel. Super Saf went as far as even disabling the animations as they could have been slowing down the iPhone 7 from reaching its home screen. The result is the same, with the Pixel winning.

Google still has a bit to go to catch up to the iPhone 7 in terms of software optimizations but raw power is there. So the Pixels are great devices and we are waiting to get to test them for ourselves!



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Clock speed is irrelevant.

Nougat need to work out, in terms of gaming (optimising gpu?). Sony XZ beats Pixel in gaming as well: (kudos 3gb ram xperia) Gaming aside, I think Pixel still smokes iPhone and Xperia in real life combined w...

  • zodiacfml

regardless, I want sensible pricing please! Hey Google, any mid-range device that has the latest updates? Android One has.

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