Apple reveals complete list of iOS 13 and iPadOS eligible devices

Michail, 04 June 2019

Yesterday Apple introduced its new iOS 13 with a new system-wide Dark Mode, improved keyboard with swipe functionality, Apple Maps enhancements and more - you can read all about it here. Alongside that, we also got a new iPad OS, which aims to bring Apple’s tablet computers to new productivity heights. After all the excitement it's time to see which devices make the cut to the new firmware. First off, iOS 13 is coming to the following list of devices:

The notable omission here are the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which stuck around for quite some time but will remain on iOS 12 as their most recent firmware update.

The complete iPad list supported by the brand new iPadOS includes:

This means that the original iPad Air and the iPad mini 2 are no longer supported.

Are you excited about the new features? Did your device make the cut or are you left hanging? iOS 13 and iPadOS are scheduled to arrive in beta form this July while the official release is coming later this fall.

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  • AnonD-833125

True, for example Google officially stated that they offer updates for their phones for like 2 years. And apart from camera and software, the Pixels are really average phones. So, getting updates for 5 years on IOS is certainly very good for Apple, f...

  • AnonD-833125

I had problem with my 750€ S9 plus after 6 months (poor Android 9.0 update) and you are complaining not getting update software for a phone which is like 6 years old? Go get a cheap second hand iPhone 7 (with warranty included), they cost like 250...

Yep. That's something android smartphone lacking...

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