Counterpoint: Samsung makes half of Google Pixel 7 Pro's BoM

Yordan, 08 February 2023

Counterpoint Research published a BoM (bill of materials) breakdown of the Google Pixel 7 Pro. According to the analysts, 51% of the device is made of Samsung components, followed by 7% own products and 5% by Micron.

The most expensive single component is the 6.7” LTPO AMOLED - it is nearly 20% of the total production cost of the Pixel. Samsung also built the ISOCELL GN1 sensor for the 50MP main camera, the LSI image sensors for the periscope and the selfie cameras, and the whole cellular communication system - 5G baseband, transceivers, power trackers for sub-6GHz.

Counterpoint: Half of Google Pixel 7 Pro is made of Samsung components

The Pixel 7 Pro, analyzed by Counterpoint, ships with 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, provided jointly by Micron and Samsung - Google uses both suppliers. The 128GB storage chip also comes from South Korea, but the maker is SK Hynix.

Skyworks and Murata are the biggest beneficiaries in the RF front-end subsystem. The former provided the Tx module, one low-band PAMiD module, two UHB 5G PA integrated modules, and other cellular and Wi-Fi solutions. The latter provides the mmWave module and SAW filters, although it is enabled jointly with Samsung.

The battery has a 5,000 mAh capacity, rated at 19.25Wh. It is packaged by Sunwoda Electronic and supplied by ATL, while the Quick Charging IC (integrated circuit) is sourced from NXP, and the wireless charging IC comes from IDT.

The total cost of a Pixel 7 Pro 12/128GB version production is estimated to be $413. The phone's retail price was $899 at launch, but it is currently priced at $749 on the Google Store.



Reader comments

  • Jack
  • 16 Jun 2023
  • ksG

Having Samsung parts in it worries me. Will it explode or start a fire.? Using Samsung parts is a big mistake.!

I would be curious to see the BOM for the Pixel 6a cause they been selling those things cheap AF!

My point is when oled became mainstream to the point even budget device have them there will be new premium display, so company like Samsung will always get those preium orders.

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