EE will test its 5G network at the Glastonbury festival

Peter, 24 April 2019

The Glastonbury Festival is coming up soon (June 26-30) and EE will use it as a testing ground for its 5G network. It will erect temporary 5G antennas and make it the UK’s “first 5G-connected festival”.

Glastonbury is expected to attract a record 200,000 people who will use up a whopping 70TB of data. There’s a stumbling block, however – almost no one will have a 5G-capable phone. But 5G enthusiasts will have options.

EE is a launch partner for the Oppo Reno 5G, which will be available staring from May at €900 (around £780). That will most likely be Europe’s first 5G phone. The OnePlus 5G phone (also launching on EE) will be unveiled on May 14 so it might launch in time for the festival too. The Galaxy S10 5G launch in the UK is still TBD.

By the way, EE will deploy its Recharge Tent, which will offer free charging to attendees, who will also be able to buy a Juice Tube Power Bar for £20 (once this power pack is empty, you can turn it in for a free “refill”).



Reader comments

This getting funny. Feel free to bring some helmets which protects from radiation. Or a radiation suits.

  • Anonymous

you're more likely to get brain cancer from the music, alcohol and drugs and processed food from such an event ;)

  • gugu

thx but no thx, i dont want any brain cancer

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