Ericsson T68

Ericsson T68

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  • Mark LV

ATTENTION!! The T68 is now available for pre-order!! Go to this site for all the exciting news:

  • Anonymous

GO TO NEXGEAr.COM then go to Comunicasia photo galllery , see a real photo of t68 :IT IS UGLY !!!!!!!!!!! and it is gonna costs at least 600$ !!!

  • Augustine Goh

when & where can I get it any free trial

  • Daniel Serban

No comment!It is fantastic!

  • ionut


  • verk

bugs, what ericsson is known for!

  • Mark LV

Oh shit! Problems, problems and more problems.........

  • ceasar

Just got info from friend, working with Ericsson factory that they wait with sell off T68 because of serious display problems as Nokia's sometimes seem tohave.
They are going to study the software of the display again, and might have to make a new development in this as well.
Realeas is suspended until at least 1st or 2th Q 2002.

  • pino

that's what I mean.
People are crazy about features on GSM,s
If they can ring is not important anymore.
Don't use yr brains man....
\\\\go to toys for yo and buy a dol or play gsm and yr the man on the beach.
That's what yr kind of people did years ago as well.
GROW UPP MEN and sleep tide...

  • pipo

People are crazy about what??...
Now one used this phone, and all like it . why??
Becouse of the good and nice outside few???
Crazy. Is it good???
Now one know's yet. Its nce to se, new things, but are you using it??
A phone is to phone, not to play games, or impres girls in funzy beachclubs. Come on guy's grow upp people.
If you buy a phone which has to be small and light just buy a Nokia 8210 for example.
Yes i know they have sometimes problems with software or display, but people threw it in there handcase as a bunch of keys, and change frontplate twice a day. These phones are very nice things but it's a lot of electronica, and you have to be carefull with those things, so people be realistic. time is goiing further, and afther this "nice" t-68 a much nicer and more "inteligent" phone is coming on the market.
So enough to think about i'nt it??
take car, and prosit enjoy life.

  • Niji assaf

I hope that ericsson can keep their releesing time!!!! couse i ám going to buy one!
And i hope you´ll also do it!!!!!! couse this is the best phone ever been on the market!!!
I LOVE T68!!!!!!

  • Victor Owen

I want one.

  • khalid

it is a very good shape, features
Price ????
Pls, if any one now somthing about it's price

  • Quinn

well while i'm not really convinced either, East, if you look at the pics from the various sites you do see that the screen is easier legible than a grayscale, especially with colored icons in the menu... this is just a first step with a "new" technology

  • East

But...What the point of having a color screen that is absolutely minuscule?!The phone really looks great but...i think there is probably some useless features that make the cost be higher

  • shaikhmisbah

this phone sucks

  • verk

I hope the software isn't buggy.

  • MJ

Can i get this bastard in the uk?

  • Russ

Check this one out - SOME MORE PICS OF T68M!

  • Mike

When will this T68 available in the market,merely here in Saudi Arabia?Also,is this unit be compatible in the Philippines' GSM Networks? Hoping for your immediate response! Thank You & More Power!