Ericsson T68

Ericsson T68

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  • Mark LV

Here is yet another picture of the T68:­images/DSCN0300.jpg


  • Quinn

If anyone knows of site with more info or pictures post the URL's here...

  • Mark LV

The latest information I have is that the T68 will be released in November - probably late in that month.
Until then, you'll just have to wait patiently..........

  • Anonymous

when da f**k is this fone comming out!! i am sick and tired of waiting. i don't feel like buying 8310 cos it looks like toy, what da hell is wrong with nokia lately?? has the nokia designer work for ericsson now???

  • Quinn

Has an official release date been made public? the phone looks VERY sweet! if more info is known , post the urls here!

  • Ahmad Moustapha

Where can I buy one for me.

  • mike gernon

Having the use of your T28w, for a year, which makes me looking foward to buying the T68
I happen to manage a gsm store in Simi valley, and was the first to sell T28w/T28z.
Just love your phones. please e-mail info on the T68..... or better still send a T68
for me to try out and I may send it back!!!!!!


Mike Gernon

  • Atif Raza

wow, what a fone, looking forward to its release...

  • Anonymous

1 of the best phones! I think the best phones are
1. Ericsson T68
2. Trium Eclipse
3. Nokia 9210 Communicator
4. Sendo Z100

  • faheem

would like to know when t gonna get 2 south africa

  • akash

hey there guys ,
can u tell me when this fone be avialblein south africa

  • Anonymous

Make yourself heard

  • Humble opinion

A Nokia beater for sure!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

when can I buy ?

  • Michael

Are the games on the T68 in full colour? Is EVERYTHING in full colour?

  • cantagalli

wow!!! i always thought ericsson is better than nokia, but until today ericsson made fones not too pretty. now things change, a really good fone like all the ericssons, and really pretty like a nokia. ericsson and sony forever!!!!!

  • Wow!

This phone is so brilliant!

  • Wow!

This phone is so brilliant!

  • Michael

Will the T68 be available on Genie?

  • roslan

how much price ericsson T68 ?
i need yuor answer